1999 Honda Accord
Recently bought this almost rust free for $500. The 4-cylinder runs nearly perfectly and it's the first front wheel drive car I've ever owned. It's got some bulletholes on the drivers side but it's a stick shift so it's gonna be fun as hell to drive in the summer, and I've already got it to go faster than the Bronco. Edit a few months later: added a spoiler, exhaust, door fabric, fixed an exhaust manifold leak, removed the muffler and hubcaps, burns oil but it's a very fun car

1984 Mazda RX-7
Just picked this up locally for a little over a grand. Runs and drives fine, has a few small problems but all the apex seals seem fine and the angry little triangle spins very smoothly. Has some american racing wheels on it too, gonna be a fun project car and fun in general to drive around

1983 Bronco
Absolute best vehicle I've ever driven in winter. This piece of rust cost me 500 smakeroonies and the directly connected 4 wheel drive transfer case makes it really easy to shift in and out of 2 wheel for drifting around corners. Max speed 95

1976 Camaro
Got this for my birthday one year, since it's such a nice car and my dad did a lot of the resto work, I don't have as much dominion over it as say, the Honda. It's also slightly slower than it but it's a fucking camaro dude it's fun, even though it sucks gas

the milk crate, please reload your page

Nintendo Switch
The most modern console I have (as of time of writing), and it's got a pretty good game lineup and being both portable and a home console. I replaced the back plastics with clear. Other consoles I own include an NES, SNES, gameboys, a few ps1s, wii, xbox 360, ps4, Nspire CX, and new3DSxl

Thinkpad T61
Got this at a car scrapyard for $10, got a charger and battery online for like $25, and made it the only computer I have that I put an SSD in, which I proptly installed winXP on and currently use as my laptop, which actually works pretty well, and can render Twelve Men

Win98 PC
Win98 computer with top of the line components from 1999, slotted Pentium III, nvidia RIVA TNT2, creative soundblaster live! with front drive, Gravis gamepad pro, and iOmega zip disk drive. All tied together with a focus mechanical keyboard and a sony trinitron monitor with dying green and red guns, or a sun microsystems LCD that weights 25lbs

A few trinitrons, a car TV with a built in VCR, and a few ithers, all bought for very cheap or even free

Drove to a different state with a friend (again) to buy another shitty crt thing, this time an old iMAC like the ones I used in elementary. His a lime color, mine a graphite, works perfectly fine too (besides a very loud drolling hard drive. Came with a disk for Kid Pix Deluxe

Apple IIe
Appears to completely work, despite making a capacitor exploding sound complete with smoke and everything once. It came with a monochrome monitor and dual disk drive that also both work. I only have like 1 disk so I don't really use this much

Commodore SX-64
Bought this for $10 with an undiagnosed broken chip, replaced it for cheap and it works perfectly. Got an sd card reader too and it's fun to occasionally see what this thing can run

TRS-80 model 100
Tandy, powered by 4 double-As; the same as a gameboy, very smooth linear alps switches, found downstate at an antique store for $20, very, unique, computer
I don't think I've ever seriously used this thing

Ness Main Controller
I saw a post, bought an off brand gamecube controller, and got to making this thing. It fully works (what's left to work anyways) and is horrendous to use in smash

I have similar plans with some N64 controllers I recently aquired

Tron Bonne (PS1)
Found this out of town at a second hand store, Case for Tony Hawk's Pro skater 4 but inside is a video rental disk for rare PS1 game Tron Bonne. Bought for 50¢

Mario Teaches typing 2
Picked up at a local video game store, just seemed like a funny official Mario game. Has the classic floating Mario head. Also kinda funny that this game had enough demand to warrent a sequel

Japanese Ace Atourney
Found at a goodwill for around $5. Japanese "Best Price" edition, and still has all the manuals and inserts

Personal Trainer Cooking
Found at a flea market. Just a novel idea; a cookbook for a game system. Planning on making some sushi with it

Va-11 Hall-a
Since this is one of my favorite games ever, of course I bought a physical copy. Came sealed, along with an art book and music CD

"Hitch" with Will Smith
Hitch with Will Smith for the PSP

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