Almost every cd I've picked up at a thrift store mostly because the cover looked cool. This is a pretty decent way to find new music though it's about 50/50 if anything's gonna be good and even then you have to sort through the world's largest collection of christian and classical music to get to em every time.
The cds closer to the top are the ones I'm more likely to listen to on a daily basis, and click on any album for a dropdown of more info

I think a lot of people regaurd this as the best smash mouth album, and with good reason. A lot of these are classics in my book and it's all got a very peppy vibe that I like very much

I think I paid $7 for this, which was by far the most I've paid for a used cd, but the labels sold it to me, and I'm glad it did. I'm a fan of almost every song on this album, and that doesn't happen with very many albums for me like ever.

There's only three songs on here but it's a pretty interesting three songs. Industrial electronic rock. I love songs that sound industrial like there's a machine behind the scenes pounding chugging away. One of them also ends with a bunch of cartoon gun noises which I think is hilarious

A collection of songs put together by Levi Jeans. None of 'em seems to have a connecting theme besides "jeans" and tbh, they did a pretty good job, these are all good songs i'd listen to while wearing jeans

A friend got me this 'cause I love wip3out. The art is sick and it has 4 remixes of a track featured in the game

Kinda electronicy rock. Not like too much other rock I've heard. Pretty good and doesn't suffer from all their songs sounding the same like a lot of other thrift store rock

Honestly pretty good late 90s pop. Back when I had like 5 cds in my car with cds and fm as the only input, this one was in the rotation. The case even has a burn from when i dropped a spent welding rod in the cab

I'm not the biggest rock fan but this stuff is pretty good. Sorta grungy screamy heavy metal. Pretty nice for driving too, and unrelated but I like how the progressive discount stickers clash on the black & white cover art

Barefootin baybey!!! I think this is just some friends playing at local venues and one of their cds ended up at a thrift store. It's a l'il generic but the first song stands out well

A good collection of less upbeat 80s new wave songs

This one's really fun. The entire case is full of games, the title is a word puzzle and even the printing on the disc is a maze. You have to solve a puzzle to figure out each song title. The music is hard to describe, experimental? playful? new wave? idk it's decent tho

The only reason this isn't higher is 'cause it's still sealed. Cool art and ever better music. Have been very close to buying the vinyl to listen to while vibing

smorgasbandet!! It's a pretty good helping of Jewish(?) party(?) music that's honestly not bad for what it is. Very lively. I mean even the name's lively it's so fun to say

Kind of similar to beastie boys. The disc isn't the right one but it's still the same band, which is a shame 'cause i wanted to see what the computer interactive content was. Good music tho and I think the disc in there is some sort of promotional one too

Very mildly reminds me of chili peppers except their songs actually have variation. Maybe mixed with a bit of smash mouth and some rap. Pretty good tbh

Some decent early synthy techno, is pretty good as just like a playlist of the genre. I'm kinda curious why there's so much religous sounding names tho in something that I'm pretty sure isn't a religious band

Was expecting some sort of wind instruments paired with nature noises but it turned out to be some white woman rapping along to some gypsy storyline. It's very not good but it's this high on the list just 'cause of the twist of expectations

only like one of these is worth listening to outside of the context of the film but it's just a funny product. The art especially on the disc itself is also very interesting

I swear i have the case for this thign somewhere. It's a 3 disc set of decent but also a lot I haven't heard of 2000s pop songs

backstreet boys. it's good

tlc. it's also kinda good. I mainly like scrub and that one that uses cell phone keypad sounds as the beat

Some up and coming rapper from the town where I found it at a thrift store. sealed. This would be a funny marketing strategy but I think this stuff is at least ten years old now. I'm also not opening it lmao


This one had a fancy chrome cover with sick orange font and a still of a car doing a burnout on the back it was lined up to be the sickest drift music ever and I played it and it's all shitty fuckboy guitar music with the lyrics all being plays on "oooh i'm gonna fuck ur daughter and there's nothing you can do about it oooh" it sucks so bad completely unlistenable the cover is cool tho

Battle for Bikini Bottom on PC. This is not the same Battle for Bikini Bottom as on consoles

Bought this from a Fye back when I was mildly getting into kpop in high school. It's probably accumulated at least a dollar in value by now!

ambient tracks with nature sounds. I'm not entirely sure on the intended audience for this one as I've never rlly heard anything quite like it especially with a cover like that

Christmas music collection with a bunch of keith haring inspired(?) art for it. It's mostly celeberty covers from like madonna or bon jovi. A cool collection but nothing too abnormal, like i could see all of this mixed in with the walmart PA tracklist and not notice anything was different

This one I was really excited for. Super cool art and editing on the whole thing. Was getting hyped up for some funky electronic rock.
it's generic rock

A small artist which is neat but for the most part it's generic rock :(

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