Va-11 Hall-a
One of my abosulute favorite games of all time. It's a visual novel with really cool aesthetics, absolutely jammin chill music that you can just vibe to for hours, amazing characters that you get invested into from the eyes of a bartender, calming dialogue and overall atmosphere, everything about it is just so amazing and makes me feel safe. Best played while comfy in bed or when it's raining

Phoenix Wright but edgy. Ok but actually Danganronpa is a really good investigative and trial game that personally gave me more of a rush in trials than Phoenix Wright. It has a really cool and unique art style and the story is pretty good, I recommend playing the fan translated version on an actual psp system though PC is fine too

Portal takes the simple mechanic of being able to place 2 portals and creates a hella fun puzzle game with an amazing story around it. Fun to go back and see how fast you can complete chambers to just mess around. Portal 2 is extremely good too but the introductory game of the mechanics deserves this spot on my list

People are quick to dismiss this entry in the series because "the driving is bad", but the overall vibe you get from the city and the amazing story is more than enough to make up for any gripes you may have while handling a car. GTA V is fun to play for it's simplicity, almost like an arcade game, but GTA IV is one that will get you invested in the world around you and leave you questioning your decisions

Sometimes the simplest games are the most fun, and the simple falling block gameplay of tetris is timeless as I started playing on gameboy, but the modern executions such as Puyo Puyo Tetris or Tetris 99 are even more addicting to play. Genrally fun game for any occasion

A very stylized 3d beat em-up with that classic 2000s sega feel to it in both the art and characters. very similar in gameplay to "no more heros" but the wiimote controls and movements feel a lot more natural and satisfying. Probably the best beat-em-up I've played

You're living under a rock if you havent heard of minecraft by now, but a recent resurgance in popularity of the game has got me to look back on it and how great it really is. Though I don't agree with all the new updates, Minecraft is a game with unlimited possibilities and will always have it's place for me with nostalgia

Last Exile
The first anime I had ever watched, so I may be a little bias, but it has really good characters, story, art style, and it all takes place in a sort of futuristic almost steampunk world with all sorts of cool flying vehicles. It'll take a good amount of time on the wiki afterwards to fully understand everything but it's highly worth watching, despite a slow start into the main plot

Generic hot-rod-guy-enters-race-to-win-the-girl plot, but its how everything is presented that makes this movie great. Every inch of adrenaline that the characters are feeling you also feel, the sound, the animation , the sheer speed, everything you feel resonating directly to you. Not to mention it also has a kick ass funky soundtrack, and a truly amazing comic book animation style that actually pushed the company into bankruptcy. Give it a watch, it's worth it

Quite likely the most popular anime I've seen and for good reason, giant robots and depression really vibe with a person

Panty and stocking
Imagine the powerpuff girls, but for a much more mature audience. By the insanely talented artists that are now at studio trigger, panty and stocking is one of the best nonstop action animes I've seen. Too bad there's only one season even after 10 years

Serial Experiments Lain
If you're on neocities there's a good chance you've heard of this one already. Confusing-ass mindfuck about the internet and how we're all connected and some little girl at the heart of it all, or something like that, I'm not really sure. Go watch it

Kiki's delivery service
The classic ghibli film, feel good movie and much easier to understand than Howl's moving castle

It would take all day for me to list every music artist I listen to, but here's my modern playlist and a playlist from a few years ago. Some notable artists include Lemon Demon, vocaloid stuff, and a lot of misc, though not all I listen to is included in these playlists

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The BDSM test
In their words: "The BDSM Test is a fun and educational test to determine what kind of kinkster you are. It was founded in 2014 with as its main mission to make a simple, accessible test to help beginning kinksters determine which labels are or aren't suitable for them; and to be a fun experience for everyone taking it, beginners and experts alike."

This monstrosity is actually what made me inclined to make a website in the first place. I have no affiliation to them but the aura of this site spoke to me

Label Generator
Cool site for generating text graphics that look like they were made with an old label maker. Used on the old home page

Error Message Generator
Great place for making fake win98 and XP error popups, and there's a few other cool generators on the site

Good site for making gif text with many textures and fonts. Formerly used on various pages

Archive of tons of old gifs from old geocities sites. Pretty neat way to find some cool geocities sites or gifs that you might like or for your website

Very easy to use site for gif operations, making, cropping, overlaying, optimizing, and a lot more. A majority of the gifs on twelve men have been made with this

Metamorphosis / Emergence / 177013
This is probably one of the harder titles to recommend, as it is quite literally a hentai manga, but it uses this genre with overall amazing quality to create a heart-wrenching story that you won't soon forget

Red Dwarf
I don't read many "normal" books, but when asked to in high school, Red Dwarf was a very good choice. Based off a TV show, it takes place with our antihero Lister aboard a mining ship, before the entire crew gets nuclearly decimated and he wakes up millions of years later where he's the only human alive. Very comedic and likable characters

American Psycho
Quite an interesting movie. I don't think I'm entirely the right kind of guy to give a thoughtful comment about it's meaning, but it was very well produced and makes me think about a lot of things. Kind of like uhhhhh The Joker Movie but from 2000

I plan to soon watch Platform (2020) and Love Exposure (2008)

I also heard that the speed racer reboot was decent so that's on my list too

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