Tron Bonne (PS1)
Found this out of town at a second hand store, Case for Tony Hawk's Pro skater 4 but inside is a video rental disk for rare PS1 game Tron Bonne. Bought for 50ยข

Mario Teaches typing 2
Picked up at a local video game store, just seemed like a funny official Mario game. Has the classic floating Mario head. Also kinda funny that the original had enough demand to warrent a sequel

Japanese Ace Atourney
Found at a goodwill for around $5. Japanese "Best Price" edition, and still has all the manuals and inserts

Personal Trainer Cooking
Found at a flea market. Just a novel idea; a cookbook for a game system. Planning on making some sushi with it

Va-11 Hall-a
Since this is one of my favorite games ever, of course I bought a physical copy. Came sealed, along with an art book and music CD

"Hitch" with Will Smith
Hitch with Will Smith for the PSP

Heritage Revolver
While it's only .22, I had to buy it. I mean just look at it, it's hilarious. For the price it's a decent gun and can throw rather accurately, even one handed.

Y2K Razr
I had enough summer job money to warrant some fun spending, so I bought a flip phone and plastered the case with 2000s stickers. Sadly the screen was not as durable as advertised :b

Honda Grom
The most expensive vehicle I've ever bought. Previous owner tricked it out with every mod up to a cam. Bought on an internship 'cause i needed a fun vehicle and liked how my dad's trail 70 handled

Been putting stickers on this since high school. If I ever get a cool one that's decently small this is usually where it'll end up

Click here for a rotating gif of driver 2 for the ps1

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