IBM Model M

Used on my main desktop. One of the best keyboards I've ever used with both an amazing feel, typing speed, and design. I have one other white badge with worn out switches and a blue badge with a terminal connector

IBM Model F

The one pictured has the Farmers Insurance badge and keycaps. I have another in better condition though a foot peg handle is broken off

Focus 2001

White alps. Missing the obnoxious dust cover but I still have the supports for it. Good layout due to having both a big ass enter key and full size backspace, with pretty good white alps for switches. I believe this and the omnikey have at/xt switches

Omnikey Ultra

Absolutely nuts layout. Second row of fuction keys, extra keys between ctrl and alt that could be mapped to windows. I don't think I would have any space left for my mouse if I use this, and the switches are a little crunchy because of how it was stored

Smith Corona Acer

Weird switches that's half mechanical but instead of the switches being electrical, they hit a membrane underneath; similar to a model m but alps-like instead of buckling springs

IBM Model M2

Better feeling than a membrane but worse than an M. These are notorious for traces on the membrane going bad. I took it apart. I didn't fix it yet. Yeah

M Battlecruiser

Got a few of these from a massive pile of 'em outside to try to make one good complete one. Some switches are bad, it's missing some keys, and its a little rusty inside. It's a little weird seeing a square badge M as well


Linear green alps. Very heavy board and has a layout similar to a model F but with a weird shaped enter key.

Apple Keyboard

Linear alps. Interesting tiny layout with probably the smallest spacebar I own and a back button in the top center

Apple Extended II

Pretty standard board with linear alps. Cool riser underneath. I do not have any Apple Systems that I use.

Kinesis Maxim

Could't test because the ps2 connector wouldn't go far enough into the port. It's not like my typing style benefits from ergonomic boards anyways

NCR Cash register board

Membrane board. Not sure if it's xt or at or even any of the above but it is 5 pin din. Will clean it once I figure out how the keycaps come out without breaking any. Would be funny to game with this thing

Zeos KB-6251/2

White alps. "8088 - 80286" switch on the back. Decent layout and would make a good standard board or donor for the switches

Wanna buy any of these? Lmk and I'll slap one on ebay.
Boards lower on the list I'll be more likely to sell

To be added soon
- AT Model F (Find a donor cord!)

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