Most of my interesting audio stuff is in the portables, though I have general equipment like a stereo, some cassette decks, boomboxes, record player, etc. The stereo is a nice thing to have to be able to hook up consoles or movies and such

If there's anything I want to play in my room that I don't own on vinyl I'll usually use either youtube or WACUP, which is a good alternative to winamp that still supports the skins

I use a digital walkman for portable audio, I used to use my phone but since I listen to mp3s, the trouble of having to move all the files around and either get used to a new audio app or download one every time I get another phone became too inconvenient, so I bought a seperate device just for keeping my audio on.

I'm sure there's higher quality stuff out there but this lineup is perfect for me



  • Portability
  • One handed tactile controls
  • Huge battery life
  • FM tuner
  • Cool style and screen


  • Sonicstage is clunky
  • Atrac is one-way
  • 512mb storage



  • Very small
  • Headphone size drivers
  • Audio sounds good paired with walkman


  • Can hurt ears with glasses
  • Hard to put on with long hair



  • Foam conforms to ears and seals well
  • Anti tangle cord
  • Decent build quality
  • Detachable cord and carry case


  • Slightly muffled mids due to overwhelming bass

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