Probably the one I'd recommend the most. It's based on Winamp (minus all the bloat that winamp has nowadays like the nft integration) and has a bunch of customizability with skin archives like the winamp skin museum.
You can also get milkdrop 2 for it, which is an amazing audio-visualizer that even has a desktop mode.
ctrl-d to double size the player.
Download here
This is not an extensive list of audio players out there, as I've only used a handful and there's probably hundreds of them available, but wacup is generally a very good option with features like an eq, flac support, modularity, well arranged layout, etc


Windows Media Player isn't the most full-featured player out there, but if ur running windows it's most likely already installed. The main reason I still keep it around through is all of the skins available for it at places like this archive. These should all just work upon double clicking.
There's some insanely cool ones in here (Most of which that were made by The Skins Factory)
The visualizations aren't as cool as milkdrop but it still has some built in

LAVA! / Oozic

Learning about this thing is actually what inspired me to make this page. Around the turn of the century Creative made their own music player with the focus being the visualizer, with some artists even making their own files to create custom visualizations, rather than produce an entire music video.
It's a l'il cheezy, but it has some pretty novel features for the time like the ability to move around in the 3d environment while it's playing. I would recommend checking it out for the visualizer, but wouldn't recommend using it as your main player, as it's rather slow, has built in ad spots, and most of the visualizations are pretty gimmicky.
Download LAVA! 2.5 here
At some point they rebranded to oozic, of which you can download vers. 3.0 here, though for some reason they seem to've removed a lot of the scenes available

wow only three? yeah lmk about any others i should check out!

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