Milk Crate
Gaming PC; editing rig; main desktop. 'twas an upgrade in order to handle shaders minecraft and not explode my framerate. Reverse motherboard so there's more ports available in the front. Extreme airflow case with everything zip tied in (except the doorbell power button, that's held in with drywall screws.) None of the hard drives are secured and there is 3 or 4 of them depending on if the dvd drive is plugged in. Custom lighting to get ahead of the RGB trend. Sorry I'm not making the background of this one transparent

IBM 5150
Aquired locally. Accidentaly blew up a capacitor an a very rare ram card and theres a few other problems such as a bad disk drive controller and at one point needing a new powers supply. Came with a rare "baby" system/36 with printer and documentation for both. Also included branding for farmers insurance even with a "farmer's master system" diskette

I've been obsessed with this system for quite a while. It's just some IBM clone but it's lack of historical documentation and mysterious end to the company has always got me hooked to try to figure out more. It's got the best keyboard switches I've ever felt (off brand alps blue) and an amber monochrome display. Read my entire research and history with the machine here. Also I really gotta remember to take some more photos of this thing

Apple IIe
One of my nicer condition computers and as far as I can tell it works perfectly. Has the double disk drive unit even though I only have one apple formatted disk to test it out with. Would probably be the first to sell as there's not much I really want or can do with it. At one point there was a pop and some smoke came out the keyboard though after opening it up I could not find any trace of a cap or anything exploding, and it did not impair functionality.

Commodore SX-64
My 23lb portable computer. Bought for $10 with a broken chip, replaced the chip for $10, works perfectly now. Even brought it to school a few times to play some things like tetris. Also have some accessories such as a drawing tablet, mouse, joystick, and printer

Win98 Gaming PC
Outfitted with top of the line components from 1999, slotted Pentium III, nvidia RIVA TNT2, creative soundblaster live! with front drive, Gravis gamepad pro, iOmega zip disk drive, and Sony Trinitron. On a bad note win98 just sorta crashes every once in a while (need to fix that)

iMac G3
One of the cooler looking computers I got, though I don't really have a way to get files to it. Came with a disc for kid pix tho, callback to playing that in the elementary when the whole lab was full of these

Tandy trs-80
Laptop. runs off of 4 double As, just like a gameboy. would almost be a fun typewriter replacement if I could find a printer for it too. Also has some really weird linear alps switches

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