Trinitron CPD-1430
Even though the green gun is dying a little bit the image is still very good. Played almost entirely though half life with it before the auto-sleep thing started fucking out. The case is a work of art though and I almost wish I could repair it back to new

Dell Ultrascan P1110
Trinitron tube made in 2000. Found free on the side of the road. A whopping 20 inches diagonally it's one of my largest computer monitors even including my flatscreens. Insanely clear image though it occasionally pulses when changing tabs. My main retro 90s PC choice as the guns are still pretty decent and it's huge and perfectly flat

Trinitron KV-1370R
Around the exact same tube size as the multiscan monitor (around 13") though since it's a bit older and not a monitor it's not nearly as clear. That being said it's still very good and is my main TV for hooking up old consoles. Gran Turismo 2 just hits different on here

Trinitron KV-2643R
Clocking in diagonally at 26 inches this is the largest model of tv in america (as of 1979) with a tube that big and real wood this thing is around 300lbs, which is why sony was nice and put some wheels on the bottom. A few caps are dying that produce a few black vertical lines on one side of the image but it's not very noticable in some uses

Edit: apparently one of the capacitors decided to be funny and simply replacing that fixed 90% of the lines issue, or as I now know as "jailbars."

Action TV
Used to be a cheap "action" brand portable color tv that had enough distortion to warrant taking apart. It's kinda cool looking to use and even mess aound by holding magnets above it. Just dont touch the brass wires 'else you'll die

Centurion tape player
Not super uncommon but still weird to see a full cassette player and tv in one, at least it gives quite the good speakers for watching tv, in black and white. Even has a battery compartment for on the go use

Magnavox portable
Mint condition even still with the box and mono headphone. Black and white, pure cheap portable television, actually played some snes games on the camping once

To be added soon:
- Funai vcr combo
- RCA black and white

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