Dragon Maid
My interest in slice of life has slowed down a bit but I bought a few of these on a road trip once. Art style is better than the anime in my opinion

Pop Team Epic
Watched the anime, then I picked up the book from a local store. The humor was so good that I bought the second book online, still waiting for a translation of the third one

Cells at Work
Found this at a local store and it's actually an engaging way to explain medical sciences, much better than any medical superhero comic I've read

The story in this was just so good that I had to buy a physical copy. Immense quality in the story, art, printing, the list goes on

Haven't actually watched this yet, but I've been reccommended it and I've liked the two other ghibli movies I've watched so far so I grabbed it at a goodwill

Kiki's delivery service
I don't even think I need to sell you on a ghibli film, pure well animated fun. Good movie. Came with a poster

Serial experiments lain
Disc 3 in a set (was the only one at a local video game store), convinient and decent quality way to watch episodes 8-10 tho

Also found local, disc 2 in a set. Has some well printed inserts and some cool mecha ads from 2000s tv

Cowboy Bebop
Havent watched much of this yet but what I have was very good. There's a reason it's a classic

Last Exile (box set)
I love this show so much that I bought the full dvd (single box) set online. Pop these right into the ps3 and it's a binge night babeyy

Last Exile
5th disc in a set, actually found in a rather large town mall sealed alone on the anime rack (which may be a testament to how many fans there are of this show). I had to buy it

Read or Die
It's got that really charming hand drawn 2000s style similar to lain and Last Exile, and packs quite a bit of action into just 3 episodes. Easily digestible and overall a good time.

Coyote Ragtime Show
Saw this at goodwill and I mean. Just look at it. It's a cowboy bebop knockoff. It clashes styles such as space, cowboy, and even gothic lolita, very seamfully

Submarine 707R
Thought this was by a studio that I liked when I picked it up, but that turned out to be a different 2000s CG submarine anime (if i had a nickel)

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