2000 Chevy Tracker
Bought for $1400 but might as well be $2000 with all the parts I've put into it. Even ended up welding the 4x4 actuator in the dif
Inline 4, manual transmission, mechanical 4 wheel drive, compact 2 door, the roof even comes off, the perfect winter beater and off roader in one. Currently not driving due to 4th gear becoming another neutral lol
1999 Honda Accord
The classic $500 indestructable shitbox, drove it with the doors off, taken it off road, and everything inbetween. Custom exhaust with second muffler removed for extra fun
Leapord print dash from a secondhand pimp coat, type R civic wheel (was there when i bought it), and a sticker of Phil Swift over the check engine light that blushes when it's dark out. Suicide knob is a recent addition
1984 Mazda RX-7
Found cheap in decent running condition locally. Funny little triangle under the hood makes this one of my more interesting cars. For less than 100hp it rips pretty good
Snowblower bike
13hp 358cc Tecumseh, 1969 Hiawatha pedal bike with original drag slick and frame modifications, enough torque to pop a wheelie and enough speed to go 55
More info here
1984 Yamaha Virago 1000
Next step up from the snowblower bike, featuring quality of life improvements such as suspension, a transmission, and rear brakes. All it needed when I bought it was a carb clean, and all I need now is a motorcycle license
1994 Chevy S10
Needed a winter beater since the tracker died so I found a manual pickup with 4x4. It's kinda nice having a bed too, and the torque from an american v6 is insane
OMC rotary engine
Start of a project, will possibly be a minibike iin the future, check out my progress here

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