One of the most flavors you will ever feel. The extreme potentness of basically rubbing alcohol combined with the potentness of pibb extract combined into one carbonated drink is something your tastebuds will remember the next morning

Preparation had a bit of a time crunch and the rice didn't stick well so they came out just ok. 50% of attendants say they don't regret the experience.
If I were to make any amendments, a hack saw may have a better chance of cutting the sushi without messing up the rice

Warning: This is the third iteration of this device. The first one was a squirt gun with a flaming cotton ball on the end of a coat hanger, it caught itself on fire. The second was using a windshield washer and the gas ate through the plastic in the pump. I do not recommend making this due to the risk of it exploding in your hands since it is made diy, though it is basically the same as a $600 pre built on market right now so

We chose the cheapest possible burger components which totalled $20 for 4 burgers (including foil) which resulted in mediocore burgers that honestly weren't terrible. One patron saying "I would eat another"

This was inspired by some meme, and it doesn't taste terrible. Mostly just like chicken but with a wierd aftertaste. Would not reccommend unless you have heartburn

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