Galaxy Grand Prime
FREE - Hand me down
The first cell phone I ever had. Ran it without a case and it served me very well. No outstanding features though it's the only phone here with a removable back cover and it set the tone for the types of phones I would have then-on out. Stopped using only because I needed a newer version of android for something

Galaxy S6 edge
$100 - Refurbished
One of my favorite phones I've ever had. Direct upgrade from the grand prime but with cool new features like a fingerprint scanner, ir blaster, and an edge screen. The small size and light weight combined with the edge screen made this feel wonderful in your hands, and not too obtrusive in your pocket. The ir blaster I also got a lot of milage out of; every remote in my room was replaced with just a swipe down on my notification bar, and it was fun messing with my math teacher by randomly turning off his projector. I eventually shattered the back glass after replacing the dying battery myself, and subsequently the front after throwing it across a library at someone. (I missed) The sansmaeda popsocket served it well.

Galaxy A20
$25 - Secondhand
Needed a new phone fast since I was getting glass shards in my thumb from the s6, and my friend happened to be upgrading and was able to sell my his a20. It worked. It's a budget samsung phone alright. The wide angle was kinda cool and the screen was really good but the fingerprint scanner was in a bad place and it ended up slowing down relly bad later in it's life. Needing 10+ seconds to open the camera app made me start looking for something new

Xperia XZ Premium
$200 - New in Box
Main reason I bought this was because of it's ability to record in 960fps for a short burst of slo mo. In addition to this it had a ton of other cool features such as being on of the first phones with a snapdragon and 4k screen, side fingerprint power button, true stereo front mounted speakers, rounded edges and a perfect size screen which made it lovely to handle. A few things though. A- it supports 4g, of course, but not 4g volte, which renders it useless to use to call in the US around late-2022, and B- The screen adhesive is 5+ years old and is no longer sticking very well. This wouldn't be too much of a problem, I clould deal with the screen peeling up a little in the corner, but for some reason the pressure of the screen being stuck down is vital for a lot of other connections to stay working, including but not limited to the right channel speaker, the camera button, the volume buttons, the proximity sensor for calls, very occasionally the power button, and the camera. At a certain point the camera wasn't working more times than it was so I was about fed up.

Motorola Razr
$500 - Barely used
My summer job is making enough bank and the xperia was dying enough to warrant a cool new phone. Close seconds were the CAT phone with the thermal camera and the RED Hydrogen with the 3d screen. The Razr rocks tho. Since it's moto I have to buy into using google for stuff like the gallery and notes (I downloaded free ones lmao) but the bend is a lot more gentle than a z flip, and it has a lot more character, especially after I blinged out the case - Stickers covered with mod podge, charm filled popsocket and misc phone charms.

Definetely suffices for me and should for quite a while (it better with the price tag) But yeah it's a fun phone

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