MISCELLANEOUS ​ ​ Other random junk I have

I'm not a figure collector by any means, but I've got a few things. Sega Prize Miku, Ness Amiibo, Asuka Japanese Gumball Prize, 3D printed Adachi, Classic Lego dude with a knife.

Heritage Revolver
While it's only .22, I had to buy it. I mean just look at it, it's hilarious. For the price it's a decent gun and can throw rather accurately, even one handed.

Walkman E505
While not a perfect mp3 player, it's just about perfect for me. Amazing styling, controls, battery life, fm radio, I can just throw it around my neck and go. Pure item from the y2k era

Heelys Pro 20
As someone thats never roller bladed or ice skated or anything, these are pretty fun, though it took my a while to stay balanced and I'm still not a pro. Putting them here instead of the fashion page 'cause they're more of a low down novelty than a fashion accessory

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