11/4/21 ​ ​ [O°]

Image dump of some photographs I've taken with the Q-s1 that don't quite fit well with the rest on the photos page


Should I do an itasha paint job on the mazda lol
Dark red with a hint of purple in the front, black in the back

10/22/21 ​ ​ [O°]

Took some tilt shift photos for my digital imaging class, though since the internet no longer sells tilt shift lenses for my camera, The blurring was done in post. Real 1000mm zoom though, thank the k to q adapter for that


Honestly might just make the first half of the bike drive system using a belt. It's cheaper than buying a chain clutch plus I get to make a cool foot activated tension system.

oh also the exhaust bolts broke off in the block


10/11/21 ​ ​ [O°]

There was lighting in the distance outside my house with a strike like every second, idk what the hell was going on, but here's a 10 second exposure at 1600 iso.

click image for higher resolution

Keep in mind that the only light (besides the stars) in this photo is from the lightning, the sun was already well down by the time this was happening


Holy shit I've been so preoccupied with exams that I didn't even notice twelve men turned a year old on the 4th. That's rad


College is really eating up a lot of my time but I've got some small stuff planned for the site

Here's a frog in the meantime 𓆏

10/2/21 ​ ​ [O°]

Been taking random photography with the pentax

Bought a k mount adapter and have been using my macro and zoom lenses to get some really cool extremes

Huge fan of all the gimmicky filters too



The fuel pump is struggling again


Chainsaw bike is back on tracks with a recently aquired 13hp snowblower engine (with fuel delivery problems)

9/16/21 ​ ​ [O°]

Took some more photos for class today
Also learned a bit more about photoshop since the class also teaches that, it's got a few more features than paint.net lol


I still have a film roll from a few months ago that's like 3 photos from full I really need to finish off and get developed


Found a free Trinitron nearby
Works pretty well for the zero dollars I payed for it


The Mazda interior is very photogenic


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