Just watched Hitch with Will Smith on the psp. Truly the comedy of the year. Check the possessions page for more info


Got a new summer job recently, more manual labour though now it makes bank and I get to go out of town occasionally. Padding for those sony clip ons also came in and after I put them on they're actually surprisingly comfortable. The cord is a little long but the sound quality is nice so I might daily them when college rolls around. Anyways I'm going out of town sometime soon what outfits should I bring


Replaced the back rim on the deathbike with a bmx one that has the added benefit of more spokes than the one that broke, and is also a lot less wobbly. This might become my town runabout given gas prices and assuming nothing else falls apart


Bought a yahoo digital camera online because it looks cool, kinda of comical, and yahoooooo After opening it I quickly learned that the outer shell was made out of that rubber that turns to goop over time and twenty years in a plastic container didn't do it any good, after a good wiping it still reeks. Kind of neat though, ir flash, yahoo wrist strap, "100 thousands pixels" printed on the front.

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Some more photos of the unit here, and below is a few sample photos I took while trying to get a computer with serial to boot

On a scale of yahoooooooooo I'd give it 4 o's


Found a pair of sony clip-on-over-ear headphones at a garage sale today for one dollar. Haven't owned any clip ons at all yet, so I'm pleasantly surprised with them. Pros being rather decent sound quality and bass? Leagues better than the NX1 neckbuds I got a while back at least lol. The pseudo-openback nature of these is also kinda neat as I would be able to be more alert of my surroundings, but still hear the music well. The cord feels very high quality too, I don't expect that to break any time soon, and the way the cord doesn't split to each side and instead comes out one, around the back of the neck, to the other, makes it an almost perfect neckbud replacement as they can very easily be hung from the neck when not in use.

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They even match my player!

Cons being that while they have good drivers, they can get a little crunchy if a lot is going on, though not often and they're still comparable to the modern sony earbuds I've been rockin' with the walkman. Main thing though is that the clips aren't insanely comfortable. They won't fall off I know that for sure and I should probably double check I'm wearing them right but sometimes it may produce a feeling as though your glasses aren't sitting right. The cord is a little long, but eh they all are, and the foam pads were gone lol, will have to order some off of eBay


Cleaning out the carb did it. Mazda runs like fuckin new now; no more sputtering, more torque, took it for a spin down the highway and skirted the tires in the shift to second lol. Unrelated to the sputtering problem (which was probably the accelerator pump) the choke and the secondaries (!) were seized. The guy I bought it off'a said that it had been sitting in a field for 3 years before it came into his hands and that very evident here. I followed this guide and a few forum posts and besides some really stupid nut placements it made short work of the rebuild and the mess of vaccuum hoses under the hood.


Finaly deciding to diagnose and fix the problem with the mazda sputtering under load, bought a new fuel pump, wasn't the issue. Hoping that it's something with the carb so I'm taking that apart, cleaning it, and adjusting the acceleration pump, might as well anyways since I got a rebuild kit with it when I bought the car. The stock nikki carbs on these things are insanely complicated, took probably an hour just to remove it from the car. If this doesn't fix it I'll have to double check the spark plugs and then after that I'm not really sure. Either way it's something to do while I'm waiting to hear back about a few job applications.


Cropped my jean jacket today; sewing is kinda of easy but also kind of hard at the same time. Opens up a door to some new project ideas though, to be added to the list of projects I am and will be working on this summer. Expect things! I'm just.. not sure when lol


Today marks the start of the Twelve Men Wild West update! which includes 4 major parts all launching right now:

A blog post
The update is called this because I spent a lot of time developing it during the boring driving segments on a trip out west

The Help desk
Twelve men has a new employee that can help you find information directly from the about page

The Gift Shoppe
"Your one stop shop for all things Twelve Men," now directly purchasable through online transaction!

General improvements
Pages such as the cameras or possessions pages will get well needed additions in the coming days, so keep an eye out


Was a blood moon the other day.
Do I have the proper equipment to capture it? no.
Am I original? no.
Did I do it anyways?
embed below

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Bunch of spokes on the back wheel broke off today, probably from all the torque pulling that weight up a hill. Was riding it home with around 7 broken and felt the final snap that put the back rim out of commission lol. Will have to swap it out eventually, though I'm still pretty satisfied with the end of this build, and I've got other projects I need to work on.
Here's some footage going around 45-50mph though

5/11/22 ​ ​ sorry if this is a long one!

Just watched Read Or Die (the OVA), and it's got me to think about the type of anime I usually find most appealing. For example, this, Last Exile, and Lain all have a very smooth and very early 2000s hand drawn animation style. It might be a factor that Last Exile was my first anime, though there's something about the natural movement of something that's drawn for speed like this. It's very impressive to watch while not needing to have insane HD visuals.

Another common factor is the storytelling, each of these (probably for different reasons) would greatly benifit from a "deep dive" in the wiki afterwards, though let me explain why that's good. Most of these prioritize action, and give you an amazing experience while not not having any massive monologues to explain what's going on. If someone is in terror that the [bad guys] are approaching, they'll exclaim "the [bad guys] are approaching!" and react accordingly. I don't need to know any other details to get the emotions and flow of the story across, I just need to know what's happening right now and to be able to feel it. I don't care about "conventionally bad storytelling", if any of these even are even reguarded as that, but it shows that it's good when it's gotten me invested enough to want to learn more. I don't have to know the entire history of the Guild in Last Exile, or how it fell in to disarray to the point it's seen in the anime, but I'm interested enough to research that on my own, because, well, it interests me. The show was good and it drew me in.

This also touches a little bit on another point, as if there isn't any unneeded sections, such as a monologue for example, the show can be a lot shorter (and boy do I have a short attention span). Read or Die specifically is only 3 super packed episodes, and I honestly don't see myself watching anything over 26 or so. Someone was reccomending me something the other day that he stated as "not that long", 80 episodes!!! I'm sure it's good, that's why it was something so popular and was able to get 80 episodes, but I just can't sit down and watch something for that long, even in multiple sittings. Following this logic, I'll probably watch Hellsing next, and I'll add Read Or Die to the anime page once I take a photo of the DvD cover.


Got the bike to a point where I was able to ride it to school today. Goes down the highway fine but 2nd gear idles at 40mph so I might change that a bit if I want to have enough torque to get much over 55. Seat needs more padding but nothing broke, I didn't even fall!


Took some free time to come up with some ideas for a "TwelveMen-tan" in the same vein they do with win98 and the such. I still havent figured out a digitizing style the looks good enough to implement her (or even a well enough developed character design) but here's the current work


Thinking about getting a dedicated pair of feminine shoes. I've been looking around at some gothic lolita platform pairs but I'm still not sure if I can quite justify $30 or more for something like this. I should probably get better at makeup first anyways lol. Also my first semester at college is finally over and I passed calc II with a 97% on the final exam and a 95% overall. Pretty nice that I get a bit of free time now though it's just the start


Tested the bike enough to decide to add a second gear, currently it can pop a wheelie with ease and get up to nearly highway speeds at 45mph. Before I finish adjusting the second clutch though I'm gonna need to buy a set of tires as the rear drag slick finally split a little causing a slightly concerning wobble. Wouldn't want it to burst while I'm going 60

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Borrowed a 1000mm mirror lens to try to take photos of the moon. Stayed up til 1:30am, sky clear enough to see stars, and the moon still didn't pop up. I'll get that moon photo eventually, but until then here's a few photos I took with it during the day, heavily aided by photoshop as with that much zoom on this tiny of a sensor gets you not much clarity or dynamic range

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Was also warm enough to finally bring the honda out, kinda nice to be back in something with actual acceleration


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Usin' a Canon digicam snake chain for the walkman 'cause it was the only neck strap with this kind of connector that was both readily available, cheap, and looked good. Made some pseudo-neckbuds to go along with it so on standby it looks sick and at any time I can just pop in an earbud and press a button. Fashion photos to ensue

4/10/22 ​ ​ [O°]

Sony neckbuds came in the mail. Since they're from 2005 (and kinda cheap) the sound quality is a little muffled, but they were literally the only pair I could find for sale on the internet (seriously try finding anything at all about the mdr-nx1 or any neck strap buds for that matter) I also would've preferred black but i could only find one pair of those and they were used and required importing from japan. I've got a camera neck chain coming in the mail though that I have an idea with

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don't look half bad with a white shirt tho

Had a fun day off from school though (which is almost over woooo!) Bought a few things from the local stores including some manga, some trance records, a pink skirt, and a really cool pose reference book that deals partly in seifuku firearms which is almost the exact aesthetic I'm going for. At one point I also went around campus and took some cool photos with the only digicam I had on me at the time, my laptop webcam. Also took a ride in a hydraulic elevator from the 70s I probably wasn't supposed to go on. Very smooth until it has to go down and studders at 1 inch a second becuase no one's probably used it for months

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