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Inconvenience in moving my mp3 library when switching phones and the thought of just having the entire library on one separate device made me finally buy a little mp3/atrac walkman. The controls and audio quality are actually pretty fucking good for an object from 2005 and it even has an idle screen that makes it look like a potion vial. Matching necklace headphones are in the mail


Believe I've got all the kinks worked out on the bike. The rusty 70s chain kept breaking so I threw a brand new one on there, along with a derailleur to keep tension on the off-center sprockets. Added brakes so my shoes don't wear through trying to stop it, and that's pretty much it.

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I might add a second gear pulley and clutch pedal to make it go even faster, and I've gotta throw a speedometer on there at some point. Props to the drag slick still holding up to all of this after 40 years of rotting away.
Unrelated, but I also took some really clear macro photos of some bugs, attached below.

[ladybug] [fly] [spider]


Just took the bike for it's first test ride that's not on sheer ice and holy fuck this thing pops wheelies without even trying. I might need to add brakes


Spring break is pretty nice, got some time to go snowmobiling and make some progress on the bike.
Here's some pleasant photos I took the other day, with the ir filter and telephoto


Wheel came off

a car photo didn't load

Just separated from the vehicle while I was driving. None of the studs were broke, so my dad came by with a jack and some lug nuts and we kinda just put the wheel back on. A lot of metal was scraped up but nothing really got too damaged so I guess the nuts just must've been loose, was kinda funny watching it fly by me while I pulled aside though.
Props to suzuki for making a car that can have a tire juggle around the wheelwell and then scrape 30 feet on pavement and drive away like nothing happened

3/3/22 ​ ​ [O°]

It's been a little while since I've uploaded any photos so here's some of the slightly better stuff I've taken in the past few months


Was probably the worst driving weather this season's gonna see today. Could only see 40 feet or so with the rally lights on, nothing was plowed including the highway. It felt like a test of my winter driving adapted to the tracker and peaked when I achieved all wheel drift perfectly around a corner.


parking job

a car photo didn't load


Was looking through photos on my old phone and found some really good ones of the honda

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Took it down an entire trail and ended up getting stuck in a ditch on the side of a road when attempting a u-turn

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My professionally installed subwoofer system, complete with battery live wires running into the cabin

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All the off roading and jumping catching up to me via oil pan dents (doesn't leak yet so it's fine)

Kinda surprised I haven't managed to kill this thing yet


960 fps is fun


New phone came in the mail. Sony Xperia XZ Premium - I'm a little wary of the battery life though literally every other aspect is better than the A20, I no longer have to deal with upwards of 10 second buffer times when opening apps.
I've also been meaning to purchase a 12 gauge so I picked up a rather nice looking over/under last weekend

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Wifi printer for the GB camera came in, I'm prolly not gonne be using this camera a whole lot but it's nice to be able to hold more than 30 photos now


I've been thinking about various video project ideas and the one thing it seems that the Q can't do is record high fps footage for use in slo-mo, max is 30fps, and my go pro can do 120 at low rez. I've also been needing a new phone (a20 is becoming slower than win98) so I just bought a phone that can record at almost 1000fps. Further updates when it arrives in the mail




Went to the range at my college for the first time. Shot quite a bit of my revolver and for something with a 16" barrel I'm a pretty good shot. The club also let me fire their HK USP (the same Misato uses in Evangelion) and I got a bullseye first try.


If anyone knows of a cheap and decent way to back up PC format 5¼" floppy disks lmk there's a few I have that I don't think exist anywhere else and it'd be cool to grab the files before they turn to magnetic dust


Got rear ended at a stop sign the other day and a bit later my exhaust fell off lol.
Welded it all back up now tho here’s what it sounded like while I was driving around with no muffler

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