cirno has arrived


A timeline from a while back when I had to drop the tracker's front dif

The 4x4 is mechanically actuated in the tranfer case via lever like most older cars though it also has an actuator in the front dif that was actuated with an air pump. This wasn't working, and it could be traced down to either a problem with the wiring, pump, or air diaphram in the dif, I didn't feel like figuring it out so I just opened up the thing and welded it permanently actuated. A few months later and it's still holding


Made one of those angle charts for the various amounts of zoom my lenses for the Q have, updated list on the cameras page a few days back if you haven't seen that yet. The range is ridiculous.

I know the I made the telephoto into a macro lens after the focus stopped working (which actually is a really good use for lenses with a similar problem) but I put it on here as well just to show how close its furthest reach was to the least furthest on the K lens, though here's an old gif stepping through everything but the fisheye.

Also college started back up so a lot of my other stuff is gonna slow down for a while, especially photography. Wish me luck for calc II


Fixed the drive on a ps2 slim I bought a few days ago, as well as finally setting up my lightbox in a sorta permanent fashion

If you don't have a broken ps2, you don't have to read this, but there's literally no place I could find this solution online so I thought I'd put it here. A lot of the guides for a disc drive not spinning say that one of the roughly 3 door lid locks outs must be malfunctioning, but since my optical unit was still moving around once all those were pressed, and the disc wasn't moving at all, I figured it must've been something else.
I ended up buying a whole new spindle motor online though after installing it, it made no difference whatsoever, so after a bit of messing around I noticed that the optical motor starts to do the common chattering error if not seated just right, so I took out, cleaned, and reseated the ribbon cable going to the head, and after that the whole console started working.
Some contact somewhere must've not been sending back the info that a disc was visible, and thusly not spinning the drive, so just make sure that all the cables don't have any missing or bridged traces and are clean and seated properly if you by chance have this exact problem. idk. I'm gonna go play wip3out

edit: Also pro tip below for if the ribbon cable is hitting the disc and scratching it (should probably just replace the cable but this works for now)

1/4/22 ​ ​ [O°]

Got the film I found in a goodwill camera developed and found this expired beauty

Also finally finished off the roll in my k1000 from like half a year ago. Photos posted here. I really gotta use this more often as the photos it takes are unlike anything else I have, even the Q with the iso cranked up


Hell yeah happy new years from twelve men. It's been a hell of a ride and I wanna thank everyone who's stuck around. My resolution is to finish up near all my projects I've got like half done last year 'cause there's quite a bit. Hope y'alls' year is great, see ya


Learned I could make an extremely close macro lens by taping a k prime lens backwards onto a telephoto. It's surprisingly really detailed
My lens lineup as of now, though I might get a wide angle soon


Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone's having a cozy night
More things are in the works, so stay tuned
​ also
here's a behind the scenes of this year's rendition of the christmas song


Got a drawing tablet for the commodore today. Quite the novel thing to mess around with

There's also a theremin program that supports it I tried out that this guy demonstrates really well, and I also learned that someone made a version of portal on the c64, which is really well made with a cute ending


Practiced a few more ir shots, pretty hard to nail during winter. Retro game store also opened up nearby and I bought a clear blue PSone dualshock and a copy of wipeout3

12/15/21 ​ ​ [O°]

Ir lens for the pentax arrived in the mail today. IR720 so it's not super strong but it certainly gets the job done for how cheap it was.
Here's some photos I took messing around with it


Its that time of year again, so get ready to sing along to the twelve men official Christmas song every day for the next twelve days, now featuring Hatsune miku. Happy Holidays everyone


ik it's a bootleg but i have plans

12/7/21 ​ ​ [O°]

Some photos of CRT aperture grilles and other display types
The whole advent made me realize that I want an even better macro lens, and also a new type of photography I'm really enjoying


Got over a foot of snow yesterday which unlocked something in my brain that makes driving 10x more fun. Drifted around like 5 corners and was barreling down a road with a fresh foot of snow. Fun as hell. I'll keep y'all updated if i end up wrapped around a pole again.


Fun fact! Brake fluid does not bode well with the sticking abilities of nail polish so I'm stuck without any until I fix up some drum brakes


Finally bought some 7018 so I can get some stick welding done, and since I'm on a short break I have some free time to play a bit of animal crossing again

11/14/21 ​ ​ [O°]

Macro shots I took with a diy lightbox


1400mm equivalent lens on the pentax
Absolutely insane the size ratio and how far you can get with a crop sensor


Next up is the drivetrain

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