11/11/22 : Contains spoilers for Hellsing

I had been meaning to watch Hellsing for a while now, I mean if you google it it's got a cool character design with even cooler guns, and it was animated by Gonzo, in which I've had good experience with before. In my usual internet search on if the sub or dub on something is better, though, it seems that most people were recommending to watch Hellsing Ultimate instead, mainly due to it having a more faithful and complete story. The first few episodes are great, amazing premise, general badassery, it was pretty good, but as it went on it seemed to lose a bit of the steam that it was building up. This is probably just a personal gripe, but the later episodes started to become more boring. Hell one of the episodes was just 45 minutes of fight scene, talking, and flashback. The initial mystery of a secret organization putting chips in artifical vampries had a lot of potential, but it turns out to be some people that spend half the series standing in a blimp talking about how much they love war. It's not a bad show by any means, but I just feel like it could've been a lot better. The story builds up so well in the beginning and then just plateaus.

I did watch the first 3 or so episodes of the original simultaniously with Ultimate though, and in my opinion? It's better. Better style better music better flow better usage of the medium. But I've heard around the internet that shortly after the start it just kinda turns into a general episodic series. And? I kinda want to leave it here. The first few episodes are so good that, I don't want to be dissapointed with where it goes.

So, my verdict:
Is Hellsing cool? Yeah
Do I recommend it? Not really


I'm getting ideas for the fashion page but it would require me to...
​ ​ DUN
actually learn how to pose


My college's car club hosts a halloween meet where you can dress up your car. Mine went as a toyota supra

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Complete with rear speed holes and front splitters lol. Some of the other people really went all out with the fake blood too


They absolutely knew what they were doing when they parked their front end loader in the middle of a flat sandy circle

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Today's vibe is skateboarding to the store to buy a soda, and cracking it open while riding back to campus


Replaced the skateboard wheels with some longboard ones that are 2cm larger in diamter, and much softer than 50 year old ones that were on there. This along with some NOS bearings from the 2000s makes this thing roll like crazy. Like it's insane how much farther I can get on one kick and I never would've known that they could roll this good if I wouldn't've tried it


In reference to the very first blog page on twelve men, here's a photo of my new winter beater

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It's been quite a while since then, and if my javascript math is to be belived, this site has been up and running for a little over 2 years. Time is weird


Sanded, bondo'd, and primed the back half of the mazda last weekend. Winter's coming soon so I don't think I'm gonna get much more work done, though hopefully next summer I'll have a job that doesn't put me out of town every week.


While I was doing some mazda bodywork I fould an old board behind a panel in the garage. I've had a lot of fun with the heelies and a razor isn't the most stylish way to shmove around campus so now I've gotta learn how to skateboard

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Cleaned up pretty good and the bearings are fun sounding old style, deck is fiberglass too


Ok well I'm back to school which cuts out some more of my free time, but I've still got enough that I was able to get some stuff done, including:
- Get a new winter vehicle (less interesting than the tracker though around twice the horsepower of anything else I own)
- Shoot a new video project, hopefully I can get the editing done sooner than later
- Buy a motorcycle, cheap, non running, nice condition, and after cleaning the carbs I just got it running today. Will add it to the possessions page once I get it to a point I can deem it ridable.

Oh yeah and I gapped a dude in the rx7 the other day, double digit hp babeyyyyyy


Found a camera I've been looking for at a thrift store the other day

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While a trail camera might be funny to use, especially with the minute long cooldown between photos, it's by far one of the easiest ways to take ir photos at the moment due to having ok quality and no filter

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I'll be on the lookout for a higher rez one or possibly will mod mine to have a shutter release so I dont have to wave my hand in front of it to take a photo


Was playing around with DALL-e since I recently got access to it and thought I'd post one since the first image on this site was an ai photo

Here's "hatsune miku in a horrible car wreck explosion"

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Would make an insane album cover if I ever felt like actually making music


The Mazda odo hit 169420 and I'm so fucking miffed cause I didn't notice 'til like 20 miles after


The tracker transmission uhhh well 4th is gone and it's kinda taking 3rd with it as it's getting a little crunchy going in, 2nd makes a super loud whirring when engine braking and 5 is screeching more often than it used to so uh I think it's out of commission this winter. I was JUST about to take it off roading this summer too


I've been off the internet for a little while but mainly because my work has me out of town for days on end. I'm not complaining though as it's letting me blow money on funny expences. Most notably I bought a honda bike a few days ago. Needs a bit of work but out of all the bikes I've been looking at it's probably the easiest one to fix up. Next day I have off I'll have to add it, along with a few other new things, to the possessions page, that and take the tracker off road, I've been meaning to do that for a while.

7/5/22 ​ ​ [O°]

Went on a trip a few states over with some friends 'cause one of them wanted to go to a furry convention. I don't consider myself a furry but I was down for a road trip, especially a first convention in a place with some big town malls. Bought a few things and went to an Ikea for the first time, in which I picked up some stuff for my neverending list of projects. One cool thing about staying in a town that no one knows me in is that I get to wear whatever I want. I got quite a few compliments and even some pics with some people with reallly cool fashion. Speaking of which here's the shots from the camera I brought with me

Also check out me going ham on baby mode on a DDR machine

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