Started a lab TA position at school today. I was very nervous but I had my emotional support clipboard and after joking to the teacher that i should bring a water bottle next time she actually brought a cup of water when she came in the classroom next (´▽`; ) I am taking 17 credits this semester, though with all the people I can study with in my classes I think I should do alright. On another note I got some chrome nail polish, which I think fits my vibe more than any other color I've tried so far


After my exposure to DDR from my con trip a few months back I've been playing a ton more of it. My friend had a wii mat his mom bought brand new to use with ddr workout games but I don't think she ever had anything that supported it so it had been sitting in a box for ten odd years. I wouldn't say I'm a pro but it's a very addicting game and I've been playing it like it's 2009. Also when googling dates for this post I realized that the wii is 16 years old??!?


College starts back up and I'm taking probably way too many credits. At least I'm in most of the classes with friends so studying will be good

This weekend I finally used a bowling coupon that I've been waiting for everyone to be free to use, and today I went to my first autocross type thing. Fitting that it was in the winter. Here's some good photos that were taken of my truck's amazing suspension


I somehow found myself in situations that led to this photo last night. New years was fun though! I dyed my hair black


If it gets hung on loading just click the title link; flash embeds are prolly broken as all hell. Imma see if i can fix it l8r lol


Merry Christmas!! The weather here is absolute shit, lots of snow yesterday, lots of wind today blowing it into massive dunes. That's fine though, I've had my fun with it driving around in 2wd, and soon there'll be enough for snowmobiling as well
I've been playing va11halla in line with the in-game timeline too. It's kinda fun seeing how much advice I've taken from it since I first played it and how much I probably should now. Getting drunk on various nights is fun too though once I'm out of my special pibb everclear I should probably take a break from the stuff.
As a Christmas treat I finally finished editing a video I should've finished way back in summer, which y'all can see either from the videos page or this link

Merry Christmas and may you recieve a jolly Twelve Men blessing this season!


It's twelve days 'til Christmas! This year we've got a special guest for the Twelve Men Official™ Christmas song, so I hope you have a wonderful snowy season while listening to it every day for the next twelve days

Lyric sheet in case you wish to spread Twelve Men joy while out caroling


Was gonna upgrade my walkman from a 512mb model to a 1gb model, so I bought one off'a ebay, with plans to just sell the 512 for a li'l less afterwards. But when it arrived, the first of 3 problems was immediately apparent, some of the paint is jutting up by the shuttle switch, kinda like rust does to a car, and there's some weird greenish fuzzy bits around there. Whatever, not too bad of an issue, everything seems to work. Except, the shuffle/eq button on the back does not function. This wouldn't be a horrible problem, but I use these a lot, and shuffle can only be engaged with that button, so I start a return online. They refund me and, here's the thing,

They don't want it back

This is enough prompt for me to take it apart and start fiddling with stuff, 'cause if I fuck it up horribly there's no obligation for me to return it how I found it anymore.
The button is weird, 'cause it still physically works, but only registers 1/2 of the time if you press it really hard, and 2/3 of the time it does, it registers as one of the other option buttons that are on the front. So I look up the schematic, and figure out that all three of these buttons are on one circuit, and that something is either fucked up with a resistor or that the button isn't completing the circuit well enough.

So I take it apart and blast the shit out of the button with contact cleaner, and press it a bunch of times, and blamo it starts working as it should. At this point I'm getting ready to deal with sonicstage's bullshit to transfer music until I put some of my songs on there and have a listen and, it's strangely quiet and crunchy at volume peaks. Just to make sure I tried it with multiple headphones and used my current walkman as a control, and yeah something is very wrong with the output. It didn't sound like something with the aux port but I cleaned that too to no avail. So I take it apart and have another look. After looking reaalllllly close I notice that one of the components looked a little bit like it shouldn't

Now I'm no electrical engineer, but I don't particularly think that resistors should look like that. On top of this it is directly connected to the amp, which goes right to headphone out.

So uh seeing how I have to squint to see the part irl I guess I have a spare walkman now in case I need any big parts or wanna change the body color of mine or something


Thinking about shredding the possessions page for something a little more fitting of twelve men. I've just been thinking about how I have way too much stuff and should probably sell a good deal of what's in my room, and replace it with parts in my life that are more meaningful. I should probably figure out what I want to do with the fashion page first tho so it doesn't hang in construction limbo

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