Reaction images of my truck ok?


These don't rlly fit in the photos page but I still want y'all to see 'em so here ya go

Rear carb on da bike started flooding out but otherwise summer is going good. Internship isn't rlly what I expected so far but will probably ask to get involved with other projects at some point


Skateboarded 4 miles and got she/her'd and saw a turtle today is going pretty nice :))


Took a bath today for the first time in like 10 years. put some ambient music playing on my kindle and just breathed and relaxed for a bit.

Earlier today got all dolled up to go to ikea and buy a shark. It's kinda nice to be able to go out wearing what I want. There's never really been a true self that I feel like, but I'm enjoying who I see in the mirror a lot more now


Riding a motorcycle is so fun. Accelerating make me feel like that one ghost rider gif. Cornering is so graceful it's like I'm a ballerina. Makes me go "Wheee!! yippie!!!" ridin around town on my bigass V-twin

4/20/24 🔥

This school year went by so fuckign fast it felt like only one semester. Maybe it'll feel more substantial next year when I'm taking less classes and have more free time in general.

Anyway recreated this photo last night and played poker with some friends. I don't know why I haven't been playing this instead of yahtzee all this time


While Dariabot only existed for like 4 hours the april fools bit this year was pretty good. The concept of an ai chatbot built into a coding ide is pretty funny, and they did a good job making her very condesending.

While she was still active I did manage her to make me a very nice animated elephant and some image effects, along with getting her to redesign my homepage to be a bit more to her liking. She called the red garish, that the indentation made her eyes bleed, and was generally confused with all my padding and spacing (trust me I am too.) I also find it funny that she opted to simply display some of my chance logos in a grid to get rid of all the javascript


Happy birthday Teto :3


My old desk that I had since high school had about had it. The screws have always liked to loosen themselves but a few weeks ago it had enough of the weight and I came home to it parallelogram'd. This fucked up the keyboard tray a li'l bit it was still usable, 'til about a week ago when I tried to lean on it to bend over and the tac welds on the front legs both snapped.

The secondhand stores either only had $30 desks that were worse quality than this one or $100 desks that were too big to fit. So. I made one


Wow taking 18 credits does not leave much time for anything else does it.
Also my friend and I watched Jin Roh. Very brutally real. The animation was nice too


Y'all remember Nitrome? Probably some of the best flash games out there. You can still play some of their games in html5 and they still do some larger projects, but I kinda miss the Nitrome I'd come home from school to on my parents' computer. You used to be able to find l'il easter eggs in the games that'd unlock wallpapers and such for the site. Story chains in the comment box and only ever finishing a few games due to the difficulty spike. I played 40 levels worth of Nitrome Must Die on new years with a friend, way more than I was ever able to get to as a kid on my own, and hopefully we can finish it sometime soon.

Also, not Nitrome, but did anyone else play Snailiad? Probably the only metroidvanias I've completed. Even got me into making nes music with a tracker for a bit. For a while there too I was hopeful for when Snailiad 2 was gonna drop on newgrounds lol. Thorgle borgle


It's almost new years now so I thought I'd share the songs I listened to the most

Nothing I use has anything that tracks this, so here's the hundred or so songs I deemed good enough to throw on my walkman

a photo didn't load

I added and removed a few songs since this screenshot but I still think this is a pretty comprehensive summary for the year

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