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This thing'll prolly be under construction for quite a while so uh don't look at it rn thx <3

I began this world around 2018 or so, about when the resurgence of Minecraft was starting. When I had first purchased the game around 2013 I remember starting a survival world, building a house out of logs with no windows or torches, and not doing much else. The years following I'd pretty much only play creative, so to prove to myself that I was able to, I found the hard drive from my parents old PC that I originally installed Minecraft on, noted the oldest version in the .minecraft folder, and for probably the second time in my life, started up a survival world in it, version 1.6.2

After a day of punching trees and crafting a furnace, watching the sun set on the Minecraft ocean while Mice on Venus started playing in the background, I got a little bit emotional. It was then that I became determined to beat the game

One thing I realized is that this was a very social game. It'd be near impossible to figure out crafting recipes and what to do without the internet or people to ask. Nevertheless, one of my earliest screenshots depicts a rather nice house, a pit mine, and a semi-auto wheat farm

I do play modern versions as well, though most of the time when I do it's with other people, as I wouldn't really want to restart the progress I've made in this world unless it's with someone else

put house here

One gripe about a version this old is that enchanting uses all of the required levels, so a level 30 enchant will take 30 exp from you. Because of this, I mostly use iron tools due to the abundence of iron from my farm

Despite this, I did mess around with various exp farms to be able to repair my diamond armor and special tools. I do have a mob grinder, and even built a zombie spawner exp farm, though I personally found that the fastest way to get exp is to dig a big pit full of chickens with an egg dispenser at the top (built away from home base of course)

I should probably bring up the IKEA. Partially inspired by the SCP, modeled after real ikeas, it takes up a lot of space, and I'm still trying to figure out what I should put inside it. I started building a real ikea interior, though just roofing it is taking way too much time so I'll figure out something eventually, maybe a villager trading hall

Some notable buildings at my base include:

  • Mob Grinder
  • Iron Farm
  • Wolf pen and horse stable
  • 1.6.2 exclusive glitch rail duper
  • Mushroom Farm
  • Nether portal and beacon
  • Sand quarry
  • Lighthouse
  • Library
  • Wheat, nether wart, melon, and pumpkin farms
  • Sheep and Mooshroom pens
  • Sky tower
  • Train station
  • Massive sugarcane farm just because I could


Around 2023 I got bored again, and decided to mess around in the world a bit more, starting mainly with this boat dock I made when my internet went out for two days. Boats suck in this version but it's a decent exploration method and I had this design in my head for a while

Other improvements include making my chicken exp farm dispense eggs automatically, allowing it to run continuously, finally getting around to beating the wither (making use of all the iron blocks I was getting from my iron farm to help defeat it hehe), building a nether highway to bring home mooshrooms, and starting an aquaduct to perimiter my base, helping keep it hostile mob-free

Most likely this world will sit on my hard drive for a while more. There is another world I also discovered naturally around 1.12, on a lone island next to two ocean monuments. Maybe I'll get bored enough again one day to beat a version like that, though I don't know. Until then this world will forever take up a piece of my personal history, and my heart

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