If I had a quarter for every pizza platformer I've played, I'd have two quarters,
which isn't a lot but it's weird that it happened twice

My favorite sequel to the NES game Yo! Noid ever. You play as the titular character "The Noid" from "Dominos" "pizza" in a quest to bring back pizza to the noid void and find out the motives of who stole it all. For a Game Jam game it's pretty well made. To this day I'll still occasionally say the random-pitched "pizza!" sound effect from collecting pepperoni

If you like 3d platformers at all I'd say to give it a try. The controls and mechanics with wall running and the yo-yo are very fun to mess around with. The 3rd level puts this to the test, and the game can be quite a challenge at times, though if you persist it makes for a fun short game with very cool ps1 style visuals, boppin music, and smooth gameplay

It's best with a keyboard and mouse, though if you are more comfortable with a controller for 3d games, that should also work, and it even supports analogue dabbing with the triggers

I didn't even know this was a fan game until the end of watching Vinny Vinesauce play it a long while back. If it looks like something you'd enjoy I do recommend playing through it yourself though. It's free to download on PC and more info can be found at Stay noided

Not a very plot heavy game, but the story goes that Peppino Spaghetti, an Italian man down on his luck, must get to the top of the pizza tower to save his pizzeria. The gameplay is FAST, it's super satisfying to get combos, and at the end of each level he's got to escape in only three or so minutes. It's extremely expressive with a bonkers art style that matches the bonkers gameplay. A lot of people compare this to WarioLand, and I haven't played that, but if you have imagine that but much faster.


The controls are very tight, so I just use a keyboard. Things like running or the mach jump would probably be much harder with an analogue stick

It's similar to tetris where something like the button d-pad on the switch would be better than a normal d-pad just due to the precision

The level design is great and the music is insane. It can get rather hard at times, especially with the bosses, though even someone like me was able to complete it and it's so satisfying when you do

I've been playing this since the SAGE demo and I played the absolute fuck out of that, though now it's available as a full game on steam that's 100% worth it if you like the demo. I've got over 6 hours in one playthrough alone

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