Took another family trip this year out to the west of the USA, to check out some of the cool land formations and other stuff that's out there. First stop was the badlands, which makes me wonder what settlers must've though while traveling out here, as it's quite unlike anything I've ever seen.

We passed through rushmore. Pretty cool as far as big carvings go. Rather curious about what Crazy Horse is gonna look like as that one might actually get finished. Got some fisheye pics of a dam and settled down for some nights in a place home to a big boy statue randomly out in a field.

My cameras of choice were the pentax Q with the 02, 06, fisheye, k prime, and k telephoto, along with my phone, the k1000, and the 3ds. I'll upload the 3ds and k1000 photos seperately once I get the roll developed. The Q was the most versatile, but about 1/4 of the way through the trip I realized I forgot the charger at home. One battery had died and I only had 2 more I had to hypermile through the rest of the trip.

Next up was Yellowstone, in which there was a lot of bison, even tried a bison burger right before leaving (wasn't half bad).

Was kinda weird to think about how there was a massive volcano underneath your feet that doesn't erupt since it's always venting. Though I mean all of the world kinda is just floating on magma so it's really not that odd.

One lens that was fun to play around with here was the K prime on the Q, since it locks me in at 50mm (~200mm equivalent) and also has an insanely wide aperture, which gives it a very soft and sparkly look with a lot of bokeh. Inspired me to look for something similar with shorter zoom, which I later did find (along with a few other cameras, check the camera page)

To top off the natural wonders we stopped at a jewel cave on the way back, and at a walmart somewhere in South Dakota I found some pibb, and bought a few (7 twelve packs). Overall was a pretty fun trip, cool stores and cool attractions, if only there wasn't so many hours of blank road between me and it.

Once film is developed, more photos will be linked here

1/11/2023 update:
It seems that I haven't uploaded any film photos. I remember walmart scanning every simgle one of them out of focus, but next time I find them I'll see if any are good. Photo embeds should actually work now though lol.

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