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Sony Watchman

Found this at a record store, $10 for this and he threw in a tape too. This model doesnt have any line in, but if you touch the antennae to the middle of a coax cable you'll be able to tune into whatever the cable box is outputting. It really would be cool back in the day to be able to watch the weather on my way to work or watch some TV while I'm waiting in line, for free too! Though it is neat to see a precursor to one of the functions that a smart phone would later be able to do, especially with how they got it to work by tilting the phosphor layer in the tube and using it as a projection screen. Fun device, maybe I'll set up some amplifiers and an antennae in my room so I can walk around with it

Handycam CCD-TRV308

A relative had this in storage, using mini video tapes that aren't vhs-c is kinda neat, and the ejection mechanism is pretty cool to use too. I plan to use this to document some day to day stuff while I'm staying here, and it's got nightshot too. Would be cooler if it was a still camera but it's still my first one with nightshot so I'll have to mess around with that, and I've finally got something to play hi8 too

Mavica cd1000 Cybershot for scale

Aquired with absolutely nothing, no battery, no discs, the door open switch was missing as well. While waiting for discs to arrive I cut up a full size cd-r to fit, which did work for a second before the information layer started to peel a li'l too much. Next I tried some hypermedia brand mini-cdrws, which didn't work at all, So I got some mavica branded cdrws assuming that that'd have to work, but same thing as the hypermedia ones no dice. At this point I'm starting to think that this camera is early enough that it'll only work with cdrs, which at that point I'm not so sure I wanna use a camera that'll only work with media I can only use once. Maybe I'll try to find the floppy/memorystick model since that sounds infinitely more usable. Would be cool to use too because of the zoom and the ois

UPDATE - attempted to tear the thing apart and move the drive over an inch to fit full size discs in it, almost worked but ended up shearing a ribbon cable a little bit and the drive stopped spinning after that. I'll prolly rip the whole thing apart and make a display with the lens elements or smth

Wacom Bamboo Fun

My luck with drawing tablets so far has been very bad. My first Huion was the size of a sticky note (the 420), which stopped working after the pen was dropped once. Next was a rather large one, that only worked while the pen was plugged into usb, studdered every few seconds (only on my desktop for some reason, usually my laptop is the once with graphics issues), had a super loose usb cable on the tablet, the weakest tip spring in existance so you had to keep the pen afloat using the side of your hand as a fulcrum if you wanted anything but 100% pressure. TLDR they sucked. So I jumped at the opprotunity when I saw a wacom in box (used) at a thrift store. idk how it does it because the pen has no battery and doesnt feel like there's even a spring in the tip, but it has a very natural pressure feel and responsive pen. Will come in handy for the two times a year I have an idea for something to draw

Cybershot dsc-p1

Bought at the same place as the drawing tablet 'cause it was 75% off and it's the first model in the dsc-p series. It's got the same basic shape as my p73 but a lot less refined, and keeps a lot of the features of previous sony cameras, like the dark blue accents, a little heads up display on the top, the classic press-then-switch power switch, and even the same d-pad and operating system as the mavicas. It's kinda interesting that in the later models they took out the top display but left in the viewfinder.
It still takes the nice soft photos that my p73 does (with a hint of mavica thrown in), but seems to be slightly better at lower light photos (both due to decent night-time exposure and photos turning out blurry less, possibly due to it having less megapixels) and maybe even a bit more dynamic range. It's a little clunky but I'll prolly start using it as my go-to point-n-shoot while I'm staying here

Honda Grom

I wasn't able to bring any fun vehicles with me here, and it was driving me insane, so for this summer's "purchase" I found a lightly used grom for around retail but with every mod up to a cam. It handles exactly like a trail 70 but can actually go over 25 which is exactly what I wanted. I'll be getting some knobby tires eventually 'cause my dad never let me take his honda trail off on the trail lol.

EDIT: Bought some knobby tires so I can really use it for what I want it for without wiping out for going to fast on a corner. Will have to find some local trails before taking it back home.

Mavica cd300

True Twelve Men fans will ask "Hey, don't you have one of these already?" and yeah, but a relative's friend had a bunch of old camera shit they weren't using anymore, and since I had some discs down here from the cd1000 I might as well mess around with it for a bit. It also had the rare as fuck viewfinder attachment, which at the very least I can attach to one of my fd/ms mavicas

iPod nano 2

Picked up at a thrift store because after all this time I still haven't owned an apple handheld and I'm gonna need one for another surprise electronic I got, so might as well. Bought a charger on the way home (Walmart still sells these!) and played it's music on the way home, Rebekah was realllly into rap. By the time I got home I noticed that there was a small bulge on the screen, which wasn't there at the store, so there's a good chance that it was caused by me charging it. By the time I started opening it up to replace it though, the battery already was bulging to a point where the motherboard was bending from the force of me trying to get it out rather than making any leeway. Sadly it was not recoverable at this point, so now it's hollowed shell sits on my desk as a reminder to either replace nano batteries asap before charging it, or to just stay away from apple stuff like I have been. The touch wheel was cool though

D-Snap SV-AS10

Found this in practically new condition, complete with hype stickers and carry pouch. No charger though the battery was surprisingly still good. Instead of any kind of d-pad it uses a trackball, which is slightly clunky but allows for neat menus like ones with diagonal navigation. It's a very tiny camera, taking up the same profile as the cybershot, though at only 10mm thick. It takes photos a lot like other keychain cams or cheap camcorders that came after it (nothing ever rlly changes huh), and I'm still reigning in what kind of style I want to use with it. At the moment I'm finding lower light high iso conditions are making pretty cool results


Bonus entry, a few camera accessories. I was recommended the universal 3.7v charger, 'cause I needed one for the d-snap and might as well get something that'll work for other batteries as well, along with a translucent green SD card. It seems like SD cards are one media that doesn't have very much translucent varients, though this series also has other colors for different capacities, to go in line with SanDisk's more common memorystick (the 128mb one is pink!)

Sony Reader

Wow that's such a great name: the Sony reader. Yes it's actually called this. I guess I should be glad it's not called the Sony PBR-PE64590 or something. Found this at a market (along with a really endrearing painting of a dog that's going on my wall) for a grand total of $4. It's a little slow (though I could see how the load times could be equated to the time it takes to turn a page, much how early memory cards could hold an amount of photos comparable to a roll of film) but it can read pdfs without any proprietary shit so I threw some manga on there. If it has the same file capabilities I might try to find an original kindle 'cause of the cut clay deco styling one of these days. E-ink is pretty cool, i wish the screen was a little higher dpi tho lol

Cybershot dsc-f707

These (and their sisters) pop up for very cheap online very often, but I forget to bid every time and when I do remember it's way overbid lol, so when I saw one in the local big city I jumped immediately. It was a 2 hour round trip by grom but it was worth it, there was some occasional memorystick error so he gave it to me free of charge. It was well loved and even came with the wide angle converter.

This is probably the first digicam I've bought that I think I can legally consider a bridge camera; it's got lot's of manual focused features, a Zeiss lens with lots of magnification AND depth of field. Like my p73 it works better with more light to work with, though is a fun camera to experiment with. It does have nightshot though, which is most useful for easy IR photography. Nightshot mode gimps the user settings though, making anything in daylight way overexposed, though if activated by sticking a magnet to the chassis (I'm using an old speaker) to open the ir filter, and sticking an ir filter (opposite of the last kind (I'm using ir720)) onto the front, you can get some pretty cool photos in infared (or at least some fun ones)


I've got two more electronics to post (granted I don't find anything else in the week left that I'm down here) but they require other electronics to function properly. So to bridge this gap before I get back home here's a Garfield plush I found at a garage sale. $5. 1978. Amazing condition

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