Sony Watchman

Found this at a record store, $10 for this and he threw in a tape too. This model doesnt have any line in, but if you touch the antennae to the middle of a coax cable you'll be able to tune into whatever the cable box is outputting. It really would be cool back in the day to be able to watch the weather on my way to work or watch some TV while I'm waiting in line, for free too! Though it is neat to see a precursor to one of the functions that a smart phone would later be able to do, especially with how they got it to work by tilting the phosphor layer in the tube and using it as a projection screen. Fun device, maybe I'll set up some amplifiers and an antennae in my room so I can walk around with it

Handycam CCD-TRV308

A relative had this in storage, using mini video tapes that aren't vhs-c is kinda neat, and the ejection mechanism is pretty cool to use too. I plan to use this to document some day to day stuff while I'm staying here, and it's got nightshot too. Would be cooler if it was a still camera but it's still my first one with nightshot so I'll have to mess around with that, and I've finally got something to play hi8 too

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