Playstation 1 purse
Homemade from a hollowed out unit with a bad disc drive

Chrome nail polish
The most reflective silver available less than just using real chrome

Remote watch md player

Mildly fashionable stylized watch along with full wireless control over music

Other longsleeves:

I've got some more minimal ones but this one's fun

Minidisc player
Ergonomic controls and chrome shell make for some convenient and fashionable tunes


One of the only makeup items I currently find worth the time taken to put it on

Other T-shirts:

As with any fit chrome electronics are a great touch

Checkered bag
Forgot to wear this for the photo but it matches the shoes and goes rlly well with the pastel fit

Checkered vans
Not super cushy but are pretty cool looking

Other alt:

Cool belt
A bit better quality than your run of the mill hot topic belt too

Tool Bracelet
In addition to fitting with the theme, it's also a full screwdriver toolset

IC Walkman
The daily, looks pretty cool as a functional necklace too

Other button-ups:

Snap bracelet
Hi-viz reflective bracelet

Keroppi bag
90s Sanrio translucent bag. From lot of a weirdly new wave bag lineup

On Clouds
Decently comfortable and a unique look

Other items:
Ikea overalls

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