"Hostile Architecture" My take on America's state. Parts have been falling apart in recent years which I think just continues the commentary

My first embroidery. Added the blunt to a bag which already had the mario

My submission for bad art night, red coat is painted glued sawdust, and the can is stapled into the board

My solid brass banana I made in shop class, because I can

The aluminum mold I made from a real banana. I think it's super fucking funny that the shop teacher kept this for future students

Sprite from my VN, play in browser here

The very first image put on twelve men, since day one. made with an ai

Art I did for a friend's rap carrer. Check him out here

Some gameboy camera photos, top 3 are 3 different prints of the same photo

Arranged with most recent at top
Sorry that I don't make art often :b

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