Florida Trip

My trip was heading from the top of the country down to florida, with the first main stop being Chicago, which we didn't spend much tim on except for on the road. We found a place to rest some time afterwards, and I got to stop at a waffle house for the first time

Next stop was Kentucky, which was the the most Pibb-rich place on the entire journey, basically every vending machine had it. We went through the appalachians which was pretty cool as I had never really seen mountains before.

Florida was definetely a different place, salt water tasted weird, there was little animals everywhere. We went down there to visit my Grandpa, and it was very fun. He gave me another Mavica he had, one that could take videos! and much higher quality images, which is why some of the images below are very HD for a mavica. Also saw a Suzuki Cappuccino for the first time along with a bunch of other nice cars.