​ ​ Ever wanted an official twelve men branded wallpaper? probably not ​ ​
click here anyways to go to the wallpapers page


​ ​ So far we just have the twelve men life simulator but soon to follow will be ​ ​
an interactive webpage tour of the facilities here at twelve men.
Both of these can be accessed by clicking the computer on the home page


​ ​ Twelve men has gone through a few design changes throughout it's short life ​ ​

Check out the original page or the first major redesign

Stuff can be kinda broken there so check out the image below for a sorta timeline


Want to advertise Twelve Men on your site for some reason?

Well here is where we keep our advertisements, free to use, feel free to slap them anywhere but please host the images on your own in case I move things around

This above one is inspired by as-seen-on-TV ads you'd see on TV

This one is a typical banner ad modeled after installsheild in windows 98

contact me if you wanna swap ads or just feel free to use mine on your site

Site compatability



​ ​ Windows 10 1366x768 display on firefox ​ ​

​ ​ Coded in, should work perfectly

​ ​ Windows 10 laptop generic resolution

​ ​ Works fine, may need resizing in browser ​ ​

​ ​ Galaxy S6 ​ ​ Android 7

​ ​ Works fine but is very small screen

​ ​ Galaxy A20 ​ ​ Android 10

​ ​ Test doesn't size properly
​ ​ wrong colors with dark mode on

​ ​ Apple Iphone

​ ​ Homepage doesn't work with marqee,
​ ​ rest of pages should work fine

​ ​ Windows xp

​ ​ Works but not super well
​ ​ why would you want to do this

Note: clicking "Twelvemen looks best on a computer screen"
on the homepage will fix the marquee problem

Does your device not display twelve men correctly? Contact me!
the only tested devices are listed above