click on the images to view a sample photo I've taken with the camera

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

The main camera I use on the go since it's in my pocket almost all of the time, including all my recent video projects and most of my photography. I also convert most of my photos from this into gifs on the site to conserve file space so the example here is the original resolution
edit: the s6 fatally broke down a while back, is now replaced with an A20 (with a shittier camera)

Sony Digital Mavica FD-73 and FD-83

Old floppy disk camera that has camcorder parts inside so it takes cool grainy photos that look right out of the 90s. Found for just $10 at a second hand store without charger. When I went to visit my Grandpa he also gave me an FD-83, which is also able to take video and very high quality photos, almost sucks even more in low light and seems to store less files per disk, so I'll still most likely use my FD-73 for photography

New Nintendo 3ds XL

To be honest the camera quality on this thing is absolute shit despite have three times the amount of cameras on my S6. But the 3d gimmick is really cool, use 3d glasses in the sample photo

Gameboy Camera

One of the most absurd cameras I own as it literally just plugs into a gameboy and it's ready to go. The photos are unbelieveably low quality but I do have the printer accessory