You may be wondering why this website exists?

Below are some reasons:

  • Nostalgia for something I've never even done before
  • Lemon Demon
  • A place to put things I've created
  • Covid and online school have got me down and I wanna learn how to code
  • idk they look cool

Who am I?

I'm just some guy with too much time wanting to do something new.

Some information without getting too personal:

  • I live in the United States (fuck)
  • I am in high school
  • I like creativity and electronics
  • I start too many artistic hobbies and never put enough time into one to get good at it
  • I've got a little red/green colorblindness
  • I have never been convicted of a felony (yet)

What is twelve men?

What will you expect to find on this site?

  • The main attraction is the gallery, where I plan to dump any decent projects I make
  • That includes short videos, photography, general art, and maybe music if i ever get skilled enough
  • I'll post interesting things on the blog page including things that wouldn't fit in on the gallery, such as things happening in my life
  • The interests page contains things I own or otherwise find interesting
  • Many subpages like audio or fashion contain other things to explore
  • Cool stuff, It's twelve men

Who are the twelve men?

  • Good question! Click here to find out

There are various ways to do that

  • My discord is ​ kawaii_bastard#3219
  • Comment on my neocities profile
  • My tumblr is here if you really don't have any of the above options

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this page has changed very little since it's creation