After a long drive alone I've finally arrived back home. It's of course nice to be back, can finally drive on the winding unobstructed roads again, hang out with missed friends and hit the trails. Despite shortcomings I am going to miss downstate though. I did have some nice times and made some wonderful friends, and it's a small glimpse into my future, which is looking good. Feeling melancholy


Found a place to go off roading for the next few weeks that I'm still down here. It's got a creek, mounds, a sand pit, mud, a dirtbike track, all smack dab in the middle of the city. Looking on old forums it seems that it was an old gun club, hence all the mounds. I haven't been finding as much new stuff to do as I had hoped, but I've been having fun


Oh yeah I forgot to post this when it came out (probably 'cause I was blazed during the presentation :b) but during the gameclam 4 reveal trailer it didn't feel right taking screenshots of it, so I took photos with the d-snap like I was actually in a crowd watching the event. It's time to play together. Also if you didn't watch the presentation I highly recommend checking it out here


Wow it's been a while since a blog update, but I've got some very faint ideas of what to do with Twelve Men in about a year to better express what my life will hopefully be like. It might just be where/with who I'm living with rn but I haven't been very expressive recently. As soon as I'm on my own I'm gonna go all out with what I can do. Get weird. Get social. But we'll burn that bridge when we get to it.


Was watching a video the other day about a lego toy car mod for beamng, and it made me finally want to download beam. Lego pieces flying everywhere in a crash just looked too fun to pass up.

Some of the cars don't even have suspension it's pretty fun


Summer is going pretty good, traffic is a whole lot worse where I'm staying but I've been finding fun things to do. I probably won't have too much to blog about due to time but I thought I should at least be doing some sort of updates, so I've made a page to talk about all the funky electronics and such that I've been finding at thrift stores here. (Mostly a lot of cameras) Page is linked here so I don't clog up the blog page. I've already found quite a bit so I'll try to update this with a new entry each week


I've been burnt out with school and things recently so I hit up a friend I haven't hung out with in a long while to go fool around in the honda since I've been driving that a li'l too nice recently. Was pretty fun, blastin 110mph down backroads apexing corners and handbrake drifting around the tighter ones. Some fun like we used to before I gotta head out. Whipped it around a muddy lot too, blew a tire doing reverse donuts and almost hydrolocked it goin though puddles. Good 'ol Honda took it like a champ just needed some fresh gas flushed through and drove off like it was factory. Drew a commemorative picture on the art page based off a photo of after it chugged some water. Oh yeah and listen to this teto cover


I've seen the northern lights once before, but I was hearing that the other day it was supposed to be a crazy high Kp value, so I drove home from town around midnight to try to catch some of it and man it was nuts. They were flickering like a massive campfire and gradually went and covered the whole sky 'til my camera couldn't even get a good photo since the whole thing was lit up. My mom had never seen the northen lights so I went and woke her up so she could catch this as well. I think it went on super bright for like 3 hours and continued to stay there until I went to bed

I also finished messing around with the funky li'l Creative mp3 player. I'll prolly make a special recc. page entry eventually but for now it can be read here. I'll be spending the summer out of town so it was nice to experience some stuff like what I have been recently before I gotta head out


Found a CD mavica in a storage room at school. No one's touched the thing for what looked like years so I borrowed it for the day. It's rather neat, pretty similar vibes to a cybershot, though discs are a li'l slow and instead of fat or ntfs or something it writes in UDF?? so I had to install linux just to get the photos off. I did attend a local concert venue later that day and got some cool photos with it . Bands were actually nuts; one dude was killing it on an acoustic guitar and then a band called "Honda Civic" got the crowd to mosh. Pretty fun for what a small town this is


Her new voicebank sounds so fucking good oh my god


It's Teto's birthday!!! I need to go get a baguette


Have been rather busy lately, I think I've secured an intership this summer which'll prolly be pretty fun 'cause I'll be living with family downstate, though there's a lot of unknowns involved. It also won't leave me with very much free time at home so I'll try to make the most of what's around me

I did buy a Alvis bobblehead though. World's biggest Last Exile fan


The secondhand store had a ton of budget anime today, just stacks of generic 90s adventures and 2000s rom coms you've never heard of. I bought the two weirdest looking ones: All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku, and Appleseed. The first of which is about a 90s anime android catgirl, which advertises itself as "The greatest custody battle of all time [...] unleashing the full force of M.H.I's military products division," and the other being made by the dude that did ghost in the shell, but from what I can tell on the box it's entirely CG, and rated R. There was also one about space trains but I had already spent enough so


Found out my school has a DDR club a while back and decided to go today. Was pretty cool playing with a hardpad and trying out a bunch of other rhythm games I've never played before. My school is also a stickler on parking tickets and complete assholes about it too, which makes it extra nice that fun stuff like this exists


As a joke like a year ago I started playing yiik and recently I was bored and decided to finish it. It's a bad game. I knew it was a bad game. I don't know why I did this.

If you don't care about yiik spoilers you can click this text for my yiikview on the yiikxperience
  • For most of the last chapter it gives you double the amount of time you'd need to completely overlevel your party, only for the only two boss fights after this to be scripted ones you have to lose, and one of them not even with the party you leveled up
  • The ending twist is one that works, like it makes sense, but it really doesn't feel like the ending for the game that you just spent twenty hours playing. In fact it kills off all the characters except alex right before and doesn't give any sort of closure for any of them, and for a game that constantly vomits plot monologue to you, the entire twist takes place in one room in like 15 minutes
  • The plot is so disconnected, that the initial mystery that started all of it doesn't get any sort of resolution besides someone talking to you right before the final boss room
  • The style is generally underutilized, but there is at least two parts (creepy phone calls before new years and seeing crayon drawn friends after walking around corner) that gave me a feeling of "something is dreadfully wrong here" so it CAN work, just usually doesn't

There's much more issues I'm not gonna delve into, but this is what it left me thinking about

In some parts I can see what it was going for, it's just not well executed at all. They are coming out with a YIIKIV patch sometime soon that's looking like it's gonna make a lot of things better, if I can get a friend to play through it with me maybe I'll check that out too


I know I'm a little late but since I don't use spotify I thought I'd compile a list of my top listened to genres this past year.
In no particular order:

  • Russian turbo polka metal
  • 2000s one hit wonders
  • Hatsune miku death metal
  • Video game OSTs
  • Lemon Demon
  • Industrial folk rock
  • Touhou cafe jazz
  • Ambient jungle drum and bass
  • J-pop


Started a lab TA position at school today. I was very nervous but I had my emotional support clipboard and after joking to the teacher that i should bring a water bottle next time she actually brought a cup of water when she came in the classroom next (´▽`; ) I am taking 17 credits this semester, though with all the people I can study with in my classes I think I should do alright. On another note I got some chrome nail polish, which I think fits my vibe more than any other color I've tried so far


After my exposure to DDR from my con trip a few months back I've been playing a ton more of it. My friend had a wii mat his mom bought brand new to use with ddr workout games but I don't think she ever had anything that supported it so it had been sitting in a box for ten odd years. I wouldn't say I'm a pro but it's a very addicting game and I've been playing it like it's 2009. Also when googling dates for this post I realized that the wii is 16 years old??!?


College starts back up and I'm taking probably way too many credits. At least I'm in most of the classes with friends so studying will be good

This weekend I finally used a bowling coupon that I've been waiting for everyone to be free to use, and today I went to my first autocross type thing. Fitting that it was in the winter. Here's some good photos that were taken of my truck's amazing suspension


I somehow found myself in situations that led to this photo last night. New years was fun though! I dyed my hair black


If it gets hung on loading just click the title link; flash embeds are prolly broken as all hell. Imma see if i can fix it l8r lol


Merry Christmas!! The weather here is absolute shit, lots of snow yesterday, lots of wind today blowing it into massive dunes. That's fine though, I've had my fun with it driving around in 2wd, and soon there'll be enough for snowmobiling as well
I've been playing va11halla in line with the in-game timeline too. It's kinda fun seeing how much advice I've taken from it since I first played it and how much I probably should now. Getting drunk on various nights is fun too though once I'm out of my special pibb everclear I should probably take a break from the stuff.
As a Christmas treat I finally finished editing a video I should've finished way back in summer, which y'all can see either from the videos page or this link

Merry Christmas and may you recieve a jolly Twelve Men blessing this season!