Twelve Men Puzzle
120 piece puzzle featuring Twelve Men's most popular feature!
-The color red

Twelve Men Signed Hoodie
Twelve Men official XXS streetwear signed by the site itself
Only one in existence

Twelve Men Bath Water
Freshly made rejuvinating water designed for use in the bathtub
*roughly 180 jars needed to fill a tub
*do not mix with regular water

Twelve Men Day Pass
Nets you access to the Twelve Men natural park and amusement rides
Includes unlimited access to the site as a bonus

Twelve Men X Gucci Napkins
A set of 36 napkins enlaid with real gold flake
The perfect compliment to your Twelve Men X Dior paper drinking cups

Power cord
Not site related I just have a bunch of spares I need to get rid of

Ai generated fungus token
The world's first art to require no effort to create
Costs more than your car but don't worry it'll depreciate twice as fast