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The original logo I almost used, and the typewriter text scanned in that was digitally edited into the red light logo

Home page concept based on the redesign Dariabot made. Thinking abt ways to make the barcode animated too

Some doodles for the random chance homepage logos, top one is actually used

Some funky simplistic men based off the secondary logo. Never had something to use em for though.
A lot of this stuff is just doodles in notebooks during school

Asset mock-up that's actually pretty close to the final one

Character sheet for men-tan along with art that was later digitized

Concept for an infinite-scroll homepage as it'd be cool to have the main focus be a blog, never could think of a way to impliment it that's better than what we got rn tho

Concept for a scrolling 45° update log, which I made code for but never used, along with a simple concept for the compatability chart on the extras page

Sketch for the halloween logo

Comic art ideas but neither me nor my friend could think of any good plots

From when I was moving everything over to the RED II update

Card designs used briefly on the possessions page

Old logo idea from when I was brainstorming a Twelve Men 3

Some basic character designs from when I was thinking about making a more in-depth VN

Concepts for a face logo, I tried and failed to incorperate the number "12" into the shapes

A logo animation that I was thinking about using for video intros. Never made anything that rlly fit the vibe though

Navbar ideas, I still really wanna use that last one with a white background with each slice being a color from yellow to orange to brown

Original "two segment" designs for the stuff page icons back when it was still the interests page. This actually predates the icons on the gallery page

Mockup for the directory featuring the old page colors

Navbar I tried out with matching red-chrome buttons. It was so unfitting I got rid of it immediately

Clip for a promo short I never made

Original html mockup of the nav bar

The original Twelve Men button

There was some more stuff but I can't find it :b

More recent stuff is posted closer to the top

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