May 27th 2024

Attended a dinner that I had to be very professional about for the hostess.
While sitting in the gymnasium I was approached by a boy asking me what I got on the SAT. I told him that I was 20 but he did remark that it would be funny if I attended one of their gym lessons

May 15th 2024

Somehow got elected to play shoeball, and was riding down an elevator with Br*n and J*h while they explained the first game is how to walk like a zombie. The elevator reached the bottom and opened to a room of zombies.
We all trudged around a bit blending in until I looked back and saw it was three different people on the elevator, and I saw my friends at a far back corner table. Apparently groups swap out, and Br*n also remarked that the other group leader was in there, and how he could be revived.
J*my showed up at the table while I was eating my nachos and was harassing J*h a bit, trying to use me as a mediator on if he wrote something wrong. I wasn't playing along and he stormed off mad while singing a jazzy song to the tune of the background music.
After this we were in some dark department store that appeared to be shut down from the last place I worked. Most of the stuff was like trinkets from an antique store but I got out of there with a few lighters and a mockup walkman e505 with their branding

May 3rd 2024

Were driving along a hill when we say signs for [celebrity's]'s old mansion, it was his funeral today. His body was only going to be represented with wood but with deceased son would also be there.
We decided to try and sneak in, donning mildly fancy clothes. At some point climbing up the paved part of the rocky hill past the parking lot and steel fence we encountered someone asking for a ticket, though it seemed that he was also just trying to sneak in.
- memory gap -
Large tall room painted in black and white with a staircase going from the back right to the back left, and a ghostly thing similar to the pokemon "haunter".
After we were all found out we started running out the entrance to the left, Fa. B. was running ahead of me. We were scrambling between walls and smashing through things. The hall turned out to just circle back to the main room, so we ran out the right entrance instead.
Once reading a small staircase in the hall, I was nearly getting grabbed by a ghostly hand. I managed to jump out the window at the top of the stairs, breaking whatever sort of looping curse we had.
I was above the whole mansion now, slowly floating down. there was something in the center of the roof. I accidentally dropped my walkman next to it, but by the time I realized I was already too far down and couldn't go back up.
Once I reached the ground the mansion ceased to exist, and my walkman was sitting on the ground next to a sign(?) I was able to talk to everyone, now safe.

April 29th 2024

T.h from discord had to tell me something. Went to the supermarket to meet her but was greeted by her friend instead. He told me that she had to kick me out of the server for missing too many events. I was devastated but what're ya gonna do.
After waking up a bit and turning over I was arriving at the physical manifestation of the dream journal. It was a beige brick building with large steel and glass windows on the sides.
Walking in a small door was a rectangular theatre hall about 20 seats wide and 100 seats or so going down towards the front. The seats were all pitch black and the walls were all blinding white. The very front was a rather tallwall with rectangles of each of the entries. They were even brighter than the walls. I'm not sure if I could even see any text on them

April 15th 2024

Graduating in about a week. There was some familiar faces from HS and a lot of people I didn't know so am unsure if it was HS or college or something else.
We were up top in a stadium with slanted down bay windows overlooking the field. There was a stage set up in the nearest corner where two other students were speaking and the rest of the ground was filled with people.
I was only given about an hour's notice that this was happening, and of course had been chosen to read a section of the commencement speech, at least we were allowed to read it directly from the paper, or if we weren't they didn't tell me.
We were stuck waiting in the room until some authority (Reminded me of Ch.m.y from CTE) finished explaining some aspect of the speech. I wanted to go get some water and blow my nose but I couldn't find the bathroom on the unfamiliar floor.
Time had come for me and some guy I just met to go down and read our section. I let him know I'm better with writing than speaking, and practiced it a bit as we were walking down the stairs. I didn't care about what the speech was about, I just know it was a story about some character with a fancy name like "Louisy Mou Metter Betterine" or somthing that I tried to say in a speakeasy voice to make it sound more like I knew what I was talking about.
We reached the ground floor and light poured in from the bay doors out to the field, roaring with the crowd. My alarm rang. Good.

March 30th 2024

Was at the back of some large store sorta like menards. Reoccurring location.
There was a large box in the back full of broken electronics and such that was there last time. Br.y was there and I was talking to him about it.
There was a display box full of legos (I think it was my tote) and I was talking to him about the crane I built and how I might be able to find all the pieces eventually.
The box slowly turned into a touhou game, with a slow buildup, and then a drop to an insane song and very difficult level. There was attacks that were flying in and back out from the sides, and big circles coming in from the top of the screen which then expanded. It was called something like touhou second level?

March 25th 2024

I bought a cybershot dsc-f505 at the local consignment store
The cashier had a black nw-a3000 on the counter that she personally used. It was the size of a small book at least and instead of the usual controls it had four large circle buttons (like the ipod 2nd gen) but arranged like a dpad

March 23rd 2024

Running around an active construction site(?) warzone(?) with Aus.Y. talking about society and futility with him. Dusty.

March 20th 2024

Was in some sort of dimly lit red/black-colored school(?)
Had to collect 3 things and put them i a central area in order to escape(?)
We were in unflattering outfits and there was a few other people including a stoner that I think was in on the game and a 50s couple.

March 17th 2024

We made some sort of supercar using an old acura four cylinder, rear engine rwd. Very blocky shape with a wedge nose.
Later that day some hooligans came by looking around it.
I went to go drive it up the city hill and tried taking a shortcut through my friend's house but their dinner table was blocking the path through the back door. I stalled it trying to turn around and it wouldn't start again, so I wheeled it out the garage door and came out to some rickety bridge over a swamp(?)

March 15th 2024

I rearanged my room, it was also longer by a few feet towards the back wall, and the window on it was gone.
I was sliding a car door(?) to get it in a nice spot against that wall, and my mom came in and noted how doing so was getting the bed she just washed dirty. There was a black smudge mark on the wall and on the bed.
My face is covered with red and yellow striped spikes, about a cm long each, with a chrome ring as a base. They are and feel like pimples, they can be moved around but it feels too gross to try and remove one.
Laying in my bed, there is something that looks like that one glay music video animation playing on the TV, it's a show about doctors(?) and there is a laugh track, I can't make out any speech, and it has many weird cuts. For a scene there is Reimu, also in the Glay animation style.

March 7th 2024

Aus.L. is working at a convenience store in a open downtown city. Spaced out small businesses but there seems to be a massive wall comprised of larger buildings behind them. Going down the street fades into a bright white sunny fog.
The conveience store has a small outside hallway so the door opens near the back on the side, dark green(?) walls.
The inside is lit decently and he's chatting with me. He has a gun there (ar?) for self defence. but I get him to put it on a shelf so I can take a funny photo of it. I look at some items
After leaving we go across the empty street to an antique store, it's set in from the sidewalk quite a bit more than the convenience store was, and there's lots of old junk outside, such as a lot of broken down snowmobiles, with grass slightly growing into them.
Inside the store it's lit by a few more-yellow lights. There's big windows out the front also helping light the place.
In the back, next to some olive harajaku keychains was a bunch of hot wheels with aux ports in the back. Apparently a lot of hot wheels cars have an audio file in them, indicative by a minidisc logo, somehow obtainable if you plug an aux->minidisc adapter into it.

February 2024

Started out in my middle school upper hallway, everything was the same except Mr. D's room was bricked over and there was a maintinence door installed.
Walking down the hall to where the high school would've been opened up to the upper layer of a mall. I didn't recognize the layout but I'm pretty sure it was the mall of america.
There was a thin tall hallway that went into the wall. It turned into a very gradual slope with long hallways and 180s at the end.
At the bottom was some sort of research facility. To the right it had huge windows like a greenhouse, it was dark outside and there was a few lights on to a few scattered desks with in progress work on them. To the left was a collection of desks.
The floor above was a cubicle-style office. This one only had windows on the small end to the right, and it was very messy and cramped overall. There was a cat that would walk along the tops of the cubicles.

January 2024

I am in the produce section of walmart. There's a new fruit on a bunch of the shelves that sorta looks like a dragon scale or a large pringle, about half a foot in height and light olive green.
My PLC teacher is there, loudly talking about how he would always burn his salad, and the lettuce would come out looking like that. No one in the store way paying attention to him.

December 2023

The food at the campus cafe is now a bit better, but it's also clearly just upcharged repackaged culvers food. A butterburger is over $8
(IRL an overpriced white castle vending machine was installed the following week)


Walking down some spacious mall at night, I forgot what was at the end of the hall but if I went left when I reached it it opened out to very large artifical city surrounding me on a hill. I think there was running rivers. I think there was still a mall roof of glass above.

making up for lost time
Middle school

There is a very dark black-and-white outline-style haunted house, I think this may take place in the school parking lot(?).
I enter and there's a giant wasp that's in color. I don't think there was any other smaller wasps. Nightmare.


I am on the playground. Sort of weird day lighting with it fading to pitch black further away, sort of like minecraft void fog.
My friend G. is in a black and gold striped dress and when I accidentally brush my arm against him. Everyone around points at me and chants "You touched G!"
I think this was one of the first entries in the physical journal that my mother read day one and lectured me about. That day I learned about keeping things to myself.


The stairs in my house are a bit more octagonal, rather than going straight up. There is a grandfather clock at the top.
My taller older brother is there(?). He takes me through my room's door and it leads into me running and following him, jumping over things(?). At some point there is a chain-link fence we need to cross. Recurring.